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  1. I'm in too! By cons, it all depends on when will the confrontation, the week is quite variable, but on weekends I am often available to 6PM. And I have pretty much all the Tier 2 plane for all nation, so it doesn't matter for me.
  2. I play almost every day, whether in Arcade or Realistic (Although I am much more familiar with the arcade at the moment) Being in the beta tanks, I use to play the closed beta occasionally
  3. I will join you very gladly (With 500 + hours of play ) But is this the squadron is quite active with regular events?
  4. I played this game for a little while. I loved the concept, but what made ​​my pick of the game is the fact that I was playing alone and I found quite quickly lost myself in this huge map. I always told myself I should give more time to this game, maybe I will try to play it again ^^
  5. loll! Happens the same for me! I played this game for a good 3 hours and I must say it is pretty good, lots of choices that can lead us to the throne or death
  6. There are so many that I'll start with one , then I will allow myself to add more. The first that comes to mind is none other than Dragon Age 2 . Seriously ! After a beautifully orchestrated adventure in Dragon Age: Origins and we are promised that our choices will affect the next Dragon Age ( Well I 've heard that somewhere , Mass Effect , maybe? ) Compared to its big brother , Dragon Age 2 is really shitty . While in Dragon Age Origins , you could choose between a human, elf and dwarf and taking one of his races could choose our beginning ( A human noble , living in the capital, a dwarf elf lord ) In Dragon Age 2 can only be a human and can only change sex or appearance that It . Then, the dialogue system in Origins is offering us a good variety of response dépendemment our type of character you want to play . In Dragon Age 2, is limited to three responses, a " nice " , "bad" and "neutral" , seriously what the fuck? We are in an RPG , why limit to three poor dialogue? I also do not talk about love relationships that are simply ridiculous part is , it is believed that everyone is bisexual ! ( I have nothing against the bisesexuels , but when you see that in Dragon Age Origins had two bisexual in the group was very good , why did he put the whole world bisexual ? ) The combat system in Dragon Age 2 quickly bored me. It boils down to smashing the button , tactical battles in Dragon Age Origins is simply gone. Our choice made in the first Dragon Age , I never felt any effect in Dragon Age 2 except 2-3 people talking about a hero who saved Ferelden . I can not understand how a great surprise as Dragon Age Origins could end in a pile of shit like Dragon Age 2 ... I could talk for long about Dragon Age 2 , but I lack of time unfortunately. Of course this is my opinion , do not throw me potato !
  7. I prefer to let Disney take care of the old Star Wars fanbase between 5 and 8 years old. I have a little brother and a little sister who is a big fan of Star Wars (Like me, say I gave them a little boost) then see games like that and some are intended for such user (yes, the Star Wars series the Clone Wars bring a new fanbase, kids!) For my part, my expectations are especially compared to EA, who was a big player on almost every Star Wars games I can only rejoice confirmation Battlefront 3! Wait and see!
  8. If the multiplayer is expected, so I'm a happy gamer! Thanks!
  9. I can play this game with no problem! I always wanted to play Planetside 2, but I always played alone so suddenly the game became less interesting. But if I have the opportunity to play with members of the AJSA, I refuse can not refuse!
  10. Let's see: Resident Evil Silent Hill Final Fantasy V and VII Pokemon (Seriously, who has never liked?) Shadow Warrior and many others!
  11. I just bought the game yesterday, I can not wait to try it! Only negative I can find, there is no multiplayer, unless it is intended?
  12. Canadian of course, I'm a French Canadian living in the province of Québec
  13. For me it's simple 1-Team killer (Or troll) 2-Those with no team spirit 3-Haters 4-The "pro-gamers" insulting even beginners in a game
  14. I have play a lot Empire at War and Force of Corruption, but I prefer use the mod "Strategic Improvment" who makes the game even better and makes us much more addicted! (The mod adds the War scenario and many other clones as well as new unit!)
  15. Really good! Very informative and very well detailed, I subscribe without hesitation