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    Massachusets, United States of America
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    I love RTS's (Real time strategy games) and Fps games. My steam name is oogie386 (as shown in my profile), just send me a message on steam saying that your in the angry army and we can play some games together! I am in an IT school in which i take classes on game design, writing code, creating websites, and ios apps. My name is Emmett by the way. :D
  1. What do you think about pirating movies?
  2. I think i could do this.. if only i was 18, damn one more year.
  3. Looks like a really good idea. Id play it.
  4. I know this is pointless to say this now, but i went. It was good, but not as good as last year. I might not go again. Its a great experience don't get me wrong, but there wasn't a lot of games i was interested in. And twitch didn't showcase smite this year, which was disappointing.
  5. Aliens: colonial marines, from the lies at E3, to the missing content in the game. I don't even want to acknowledge its existence.
  6. Just like Winnum said i also agree that there should be an even for games. But E3 can over hype games too. But i think the worst thing about E3 even more than over hype would be lies by gaming companies and developers. An example would be Aliens: colonial marines, how they showed content and ai that wasn't even relatively the game.
  7. Its just a slap in the face of fans and buyers of the product. Especially because of all the lies at E3.
  8. Only if you have friends to play it with, L4D2 is fun at first, but can be even more fun with co-op buddies at your side while taking on waves of the dead.
  9. Tomb raider, Dishonored, and Amnesia: the Dark Decent. And that's just in one week, i have a lot of free time...
  10. Lol i love this so much.
  11. Nice job with this, i can tell there's a lot of work put into it. And since i used to play space engineers a lot, i can relate to losing your precious ship. I like it
  12. I play smite, ive tried to play leage and dota many times but i cant really get into it. Clicking the mouse to move away from a skill or ability is just unresponsive and unfavorable to me instead of pressing S key to move your character back. I really like the 3d person aspect of the game and how they used mythological gods in it.
  13. I absolutely cannot play a game under 60fps, i love to crank the graphics but if i get less than 60fps i can see and feel it. My reaction time is goes down, and usually makes me want to stop playing the game. 30fps is used on some 2d games and mobile games, and i can understand that. But if it is a fully 3d game (skyrim for example) i must have at least 60, if not higher.
  14. I trust disney i do. They have basically unlimited resources and they know they cant screw this up. So i think its going to be good.
  15. Its fun for the first couple hours, then the beta kinda falls off. But playing the vampires is definitely more fun for me.