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  1. I have the PS Gold Wireless Headset and it doesn't just work on PS4 & PS3, I use it on my PC as well for everything from gaming to watching movies and shows. It also has an incredible battery life, I get 8 hours to a charge. Sound quality and voice chat are great as well.
  2. Cool thats good to know.
  3. I was wondering who the game officer is going to be that way i can help that person coordinate some events in the Destiny Beta and in the official release. I'll be going hard in the beta and the official release so I would be happy to help the game officer coordinate some events. I think this game is going to be something special and it would be awesome to have the AJSA be a huge presence in the game and kick some ass on all levels.
  4. I'll be on there as well, feel free to add me PSN ID: iEsaias Gonna go hard on this beta like its the last game I'm ever going to get to play. I look forward to playing with u guys.
  5. Hell ya its about time, lets get the ball rollin on this great game.
  6. Will the announcements for the future events be placed on the forums or on the game itself? Is there a dedicated forum on the site for ARR?
  7. The IGN guys played the game and said it takes three hours to drive from one end to the other.
  8. Being able to drive from one end of the States to the other will be cool as hell though.
  9. I think thats why it was delayed b/c they are aiming for photo realistic graphics.
  10. Yeah that's a good idea, didnt realize that there was cross server play.
  11. I'm going to be purchasing Final Fantasy XIV ARR and was wondering if there are going to be any other players playing on the PS4 so i know what server to join.
  12. Konami has the rights to the game and they released Bloody Roar 4 on PS2 back in the day, so anything is possible.
  13. Wasn't there a rumor of a new Bloody Roar coming out for PS4 in the future? Loved the originals on PSOne.
  14. You wouldn't have to play the first two games to know the story for second son. Second son is fun as hell especially when you get your neon powers. I highly recommend that every PS4 owner buy the game.