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  1. I've recently finished reading two superman comics: birthright and all-star superman (excellent comics by the way, pick them up) and I noticed something: THERE HASN'T BEEN A DECENT SUPERMAN GAME (NOT EVEN GOOD, JUST DECENT!) Honestly, now I kinda see why. It's not because of his extraordinary powers because we've seen games where the main character is god-like. The only company I could see successfully pulling off a Superman game is Naughty Dog inc. because of their success with the Last of Us and the emotion and feeling the game brought. Superman, in the comics, cares for people: all people. The game developer needs to denote this; they need to show how much Superman cares for us and tries to get us to do better, and not by force (like he could if he wanted) but by example. He shows us what goodness is so that we can reciprocate it among ourselves. They would have to show not only his strength but WHY he is that strong: so he can carry our burdens. Why he is so durable: so he can bear whatever pains we throw at him by hurting each other and trying to kill him. In comics, it always he always amazed me and never ceased to be anything less than celestial; anything less than a God and incredible to me that the thought never crosses his mind. This is what they need to show and I think only Naughty Dog could do it. Flying around looking down on the citizens of Earth, hearing their cries and knowing that even he can't save all of us. They need to show that side of his vulnerability and not to under-power the character. Superman isn't the kind omnipotent automaton people think he is; even when he can be hurt, he will NEVER give up. If he wanted, he could have flown away from earth when doomsday was still around, but he gave his life to beings that aren't even biologically related to him in any way. He doesn't have any money tie or blood relation to people and would still give his life a millions times over in a heartbeat for any one of us. This is what makes him one of my favorite heroes. They should show the hope that S on his chest brings when people see it. If a game did all this with the story telling, had great mechanis and showed us who Superman is, I think it may be a GOTY contender.