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Yoshi Powder

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  1. Yeah, good sale...already own all of it...First world problems am i right!
  2. I think you should just be able to make a channel when you want to actually use it, just give the people who donate the ability to create a channel but get them to delete it when not using it... I mean it literally takes two minutes if that to make a ts channel.
  3. I have already seen this but still gets me everytime!
  4. Hello everyone, it has come to my attention that the way to get games official doesn't really work in my opinion. I don't really want to go into it but i have a quick example here. CIv 5 a game that myself and around 30 others wanted to get voted up was ineligible stating that there was no guild/clan need. This is fine of course and we accepted this as fact, we still had a group of around 30 and could easily play good full games with that...But my issues lies when games such as Xcom get accepted and is now going through a public poll. I mean you have to admit if Civ5 a game that supports 12 players and can only have one winner in the end was ineligible. Then a 1v1 mp mode that doesn't work half of the time and is very restrictive should also be ineligible. I don't know, this is just my opinion on the subject and would love to hear your guys thoughts - Yoshi
  5. Third from the left on blue team, i had the best moves and was the last man standing...sorry for the bitch tactics - Yoshi
  6. Very well put - Yoshi
  7. Arma really should get voted through, it is a great game that encourages teamwork and communication. It is a blast and is probably one of my favourite games ( when ran in actually mil sims) I for one would love to get into this - Yoshi
  8. I also believe that arma would be great for the AJSA. If we get the numbers that is though, its great for team building, discipline and communication as well as other things. The whole milsim side of it is a blast and the actual player vs player is even more tactical. I fully support this idea and hope it gets through and becomes official - Yoshi ps. training events would also fit in so well because of coms procedures etc.
  9. I love the look of this game just lack the people to play it with personally, would be great fun and i fully support this going through - Yoshi
  10. Yeah, we still have a great bunch of guys that we can casually play CIV on a weekly basis - Yoshi
  11. We ran our first event today guys and it ran pretty well, we had a couple of big issues setting up but once it ran it was a blast. I look forward to the next one. All the best - Yoshi
  12. I liked the most recent DMC's soundtrack. Probably one of the best parts of the game for me.
  13. Dat killing floor soundtrack!...Soooo goood
  14. Bleh, no PC release for Destiny = Me no care for it in the slightest. Their reason for not making it is also pretty dumb in my opinion...
  15. Hey guys, i notice a lot of you are willing to join and may not of seen Pete's link to it. But we do have a steam group set up and even have a date set for a game. If you would like to play join the group and say that you want to join in the event thread (Also list the edition of the game you own) Here is the link http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AJSAC5 All the best - Yoshi
  16. Hey everyone, we do actually have a steam group set up i will link it in here. We have even got a event set up for this saturday so go onto that event and sign up! Here is that link http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AJSAC5 Hope to see you sign up and in the game on saturday, all the best - Yoshi
  17. Nice to see support guys - Yoshi
  18. That sounds fun but i'm not to sure how practical it will be, i think it would be better to just let people play full games.
  19. With BNW most of the mp issues were ironed out - Yoshi
  20. Hopefully we can get this to take of, its such a good game to just chill and talk to friends. Or make them your sworn rivals by nuking them! - Yoshi
  21. I agree with you on halo. I have played all of the games and reach and four killed it for me. I enjoyed reach but didn't judge it as the best and despised four, everything about it to me was awful...Im sorry to anyone who enjoys the game it's just dead to me - Yoshi
  22. Still good to see some support though, even if it doesn't become huge we still have a decent size to play full games.
  23. And as for you Dex a marathon game would take so long that people would likely lose interest in my opinion. Standard and classic are likely the best options.
  24. Xenok, i would hope it to be any victory type in the game. No point restricting peoples playstyles, if you like war you like war etc.
  25. Great game, great with friends and is an all around good laugh. Of course im up for it, just hit me up some time and i'll be sure to play.