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  1. Congrats on your first 500!
  2. I'm sorry if it appears brash, that's what typing without smileys gets you. I didn't misinterpret the reply. A video from a basic google search doesn't tell me anything except that one person in particular had a bad experience with them, the video on the top of that search actually promotes TGN. That's why I was hoping for an answer from a community I trust.
  3. It's not hard to google search. If you add the word 'scam' to just about anything, it'll have at least a couple negative hits. I asked for your experience with them, what I could do, and stated what I want for my channel. You acknowledged none of those. Are you here to help, or here to criticize?
  4. So, a couple days ago, I found a message in my channel's inbox from a representative of TGN (True Gaming Network?). Inviting me to become a partner with their network. I have established at least that the rep wasn't a robot; we've been conversing about the details, and I've convinced him to send me the documentation on what it all entails (I have yet to receive it). I'm already able to post my Fallout 3 videos on the Fawkes fanpage, which gets my channel quite a bit of attention as it is. If I join, I will be required to drop my partnership with Youtube to join them. I'd really like some other opinions. I could use some input on this: Have any of you had any experience with this network?Should I maintain my Youtube partnership instead?Providing game guides (to particular titles) is my goal, funding is nice though. More income could help me get a place, so that's a factor. TGN Links:
  5. Damn bro, I'm guessing this is an alternate channel? You already have a nice stack of subscribers and only one video!
  6. Most of the thumbnails are up now, thanks for urging me to add them.
  7. Oh, and it may be a good idea to mention to everyone that tags are actually the last thing to show up in a search. Title and Description are the most important.
  8. I was giving the option mainly, I'm used to convenience for everything related to my channel. Because many viewers are lazy (we both know that ). Also, it's Fallout dominant because I'm one of the admins of the Fawkes Fanpage on FB. That is a really good way to get attention to your channel too, hook up with a facebook fanpage. I got lucky and put directly into an admin position, but some will still share videos if you message them once in awhile with a link. It's on the list of things to do, I know they catch eyes quite well, along with the video thumbnails. The thumbnails are custom shots, but I haven't added any text to them yet. It's planned for sure, you pretty much verified it, hehe. I knew about titles being first in search results, which is a good thing for everyone else to know too by the way. 'Gameplay' I might use in the titles, but 'walkthrough' probably not. Many of the guides just show the location, sometimes spoiler-sensitive panning as you could see; not always step-by-step (that would take freaking forever). There's very little actual gameplay in the guides because I'm using camera commands to show locations. (<3 Bethesda for console commands) Bro, you were all over the CYW hehe. You should start from the beginning though. The Choose Your Wasteland series is exactly that, the code (02 M means Segment 2 Male) is for my own tracking mostly. It's basically 'choose your own adventure' with annotations. Remember Choose Your Own Adventure books? Just like that. Look at the CYW teaser and you'll get a better idea. I may add extra titles to them, but it's WIP still. A LOT of WIP. For the unique armor/apparel guide, it's not just the title, It's the only Youtube guide that covers all vanilla unique armor locations of Fallout 3. It's my most popular video currently because of that. Even though it's a pain in the ass putting in all the time indexes in the description, it does pay off. I won't promise much for the commentary, but I can slow down a little (I edit out my pauses *shhh*), but I despise taking longer than the viewers' attention spans. (it's really short, you know this too). Efficiency is something I value highly. Sometimes with the intensity of a bazillion burning kittens... especially if you just want a guide to double-check something. This is probably why I go a little fast in a couple of them. However, if you created a guide, and it takes less time to read a documented guide instead, you've failed. Other Fallout 3 video guides go on for WAY too long and are split into several parts, I don't find that useful. As a viewer myself, I want a quick/efficient video guide for each category of collectibles/loot. We'll see how the next guides come out. They're unique armor/weapons for the Fallout 3 expansions. I really appreciate your feedback. Try not to take some replies as a rebuttal; I just like to clarify. I hope some of my replies you can utilize as well! I shall call you....Doc Kinetic
  9. I use OverclockedRemix for a lot of mine, royalty free because they're remixes and all that. Proper credit should be given to the mixer regardless though.
  10. It's rare that someone WANTS to critique constructively for free. Well, maybe a share, but that's totally affordable! I do guides & cinematic videos for Bethesda titles mostly, and the newest XCOM Enemy Within expansion, almost fanatically so: Fallout 3 Guides: Fallout 3 Timelapses: XCOM Enemy Within Guides: Skyrim Killmoves Montages:
  11. Hey thanks bro, saw your Maia interview earlier, that's freaking cool. But it would be a dangerous thing for me to play .
  12. This is a series I teased at earlier using Fallout 3 in a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' format, like those books back in the day. I'd really love to hear some feedback, especially on 'What works/doesn't work'. 13 videos after about 3 weeks, the first 4 segments of Choose Your Wasteland are completed! Features: Main Quest - This series will follow the Main Quest (so far) because it's already going to be around 17 segments... Multiply that by 6 and that's how many videos there would probably be. Choose Gender - Pretty sure it's a good idea to include female protagonists as well. Archetypes - The player/viewer may choose 1 of 3 archetypes, between Vagrant, Technician, and Annihilator. Sensible Characters - Viewers won't have to worry about stats/attributes/skills. Instead, the Archetype will simply DO whatever would make sense for that character! Survival - I plan to include scenes of hunger, rest, hydration, death, massive radiation, crippling injuries and other fun stuff. This is an important aspect to the wasteland that was barely touched on in gameplay, being a vault dweller your whole life would affect your ability to know how to survive in the wastes, wouldn't it? New Routes - Some of the archetypes will take different routes depending on their role, some of which weren't in the game. (hint: pick Vagrant) Interface - I'm trying for an easy to follow Pipboy interface for viewers to keep track with, you'll see its infancy in segment 4. Speaking with NPC's won't be filled up with dialogue windows either, their name will still be there though. Mods - No, not God mods. Textures, weather effects, equippable tools (for Technician), Ironsights, things that make it visually appealing and complement the story for the character. Cinematic - I'm really trying for as much immersion as possible while maintaining a theme of survival and tracking down Dad/James.
  13. FF Tactics music, winning. Good stuff here. I was distracted by some of the visuals over listening to you though, because they were gooey and delicious.
  14. Hehe, I saw transformers in here...but this one: I was so damn stoked when I heard this Saturday morning.
  15. You have a great voice for commentary. I'll trade you Subs! Looking forward for more stuff from you man.