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  1. So for those who just want to get to the gist of what I have to say and are in a hurry, there is a TLDR at the bottom... Over a decade ago a game studio called "Liquid Entertainment" released a Real Time Strategy game called "Battle Realms" in 2001. In my humble opinion, Battle Realms was the greatest RTS I have ever played in my life (and you can quote me on that). I'm a heavy strategy/rts fan, and back in late 90s/early 2000s when RTS gaming was at its peak, I got to enjoy titles like Stronghold Crusader, Warcraft/Starcraft 1, C&C, etc. but even today, I feel that no rts game has surpassed the level of quality that the original Battle Realms possessed. With Battle Realms being a fair success (unfortunately they were overshadowed by Warcraft 3 which released later that year) they released an expansion pack for it, however besides that the studio seemed to vanish. For some odd reason, no major games were made in the 13 years after Battle Realms released. And years of clamoring for a sequel by long time fans of the game appeared to go unheard. But only now, 13 years later... "Ed Del Castillo", The chief creative officer of Liquid Entertainment announced that they would be releasing Battle Realms Legends, keep in mind this game is not Battle Realms 2, and so it is not an RTS game like its predecessor, it is instead a card game based on the lore of the Battle Realms universe. The Studio plans to produce Battle Realms 2 in the foreseeable future. But they are not a big developer like how they used to be in 2001, and so they are relying on the success of this kickstarter game, to help fund their development for the future title. Some people may be reluctant to buy card games these days but I think this game definitely needs some support, specifically AJSA support. They have a $100,000 goal with a full month of funding time to go. Liquid Entertainment, and Ed Del Castillo are independent game developers who are extremely passionate about their franchise that they created. As an rts fan, I admit, I haven't played many card games before, but I'm willing to support these devs. *CLICK ON ME* LINK TO KICKSTARTER PAGE TLDR; Battle Realms Legends is going to be an online card game set in the Battle Realms Universe, for those who are totally unaware of what Battle Realms is, this card game is hoping to serve as a segway for newcomers into the lore of the Battle Realms universe, the developers hope that this card game will draw in new fans/help fund the game studio for their upcoming sequel RTS game 'Battle Realms 2'. Therefore for those who like online pvp card games, go check this out, and for those who played the original 'Battle Realms' RTS game back in 2001, by helping support this game you will also help fund the sequel for 'Battle Realms 2'. ALSO They are re-releasing the original 'Battle Realms' RTS game on Steam. Right now it's on Steam Greenlight, so go upvote their game if you want to see it release on the Steam Platform. If you are primarily interested in not the card game but the original RTS developed in 2001 here is a video of the original Battle Realms, youtuber 'TotalBiscuit' released a video of its gameplay fairly recently,
  2. Except unlike the Gaben, these guys can count to 3.
  3. I just picked it up the pre-order for only $47. As I already owned Witcher 1 and 2 so I got the 20% discount. What's awesome is that GoG also allows you to add you steam games to their GoG library, so they don't force you to pay twice for a game that you already own on steam. That's pretty cool of them. Can't wait for February.
  4. Its pretty damn sexy if you ask me Also one little thing that I noticed from this trailer. For those of you who have played the Witcher 2,At 0:30 If you look to the right, one of the witchers that is following Geralt, you can see the lower torso of Letho (and his meaty arms), so what this means is, either they reused Letho's model for another character in the Witcher 3 (doubt it cuz CD Project Red is not lazy like that), or Letho will actually join Geralt at his side as a follower. (Assuming you didn't fight him in the end of Witcher 2)
  5. I just downloaded and installed this, what I dont understand is where do we register an account to play this game? I mean since this is an online mmo dont we need an account to sign into the game client when it becomes closed beta? I looked all over the KUF2 website, they only allow you to register for the beta by giving your email, you dont actually create an account.
  6. APB reloaded, screw that game.
  7. As for customization, they say they're going balls to the walls with being able to customize stuff. Like almost every piece of wargear you can imagine can be used. As for bringing titans into the game, you have to look at what happened with Planetside 1 when they introduced 'BattleFrames' (Titan equivalents) it pretty much destroyed all balance that existed in the game. Even though EC adheres to warhammer lore, bringing in titans could cause the same catastrophe with balance.
  8. Indeed there will plenty of badass to spare within this game! I dont know why but I personally can't wait to play as Imperial Guard (if it's added after launch), as either a stormtrooper or Kasrkin. Even though the Imperial Guard wear 'paper' armor, and are equipped with flashlights, it makes their struggle seem more heroic even when compared to the godlike speehss mehreens.
  9. To all Warhammer 40k nuts, which I know includes Angry Joe. Here is a little treat that may or may not interest you. If you haven't been following the news of the development of this new W40k MMO since day 1. Eternal Crusade promises to be a mix of Planetside 2 and Warhammer, while using the combat mechanics from W40k: Space Marine. Bear in mind this footage is very pre-alpha, but the devs have been incredibly open and transparent to the community and so have released this raw gameplay, therefore 3rd person animations are not fully developed yet, and there are missing textures/models. At first you may think, meh it's just another arena shooter, but at around 9:16 you can see the massive scale of the battles that they plan to go with this game. Their aiming for around like 200v200 players on a meta server. (dont quote me though) I'm personally excited because I've always wondered what Space Marine would've been like playing in a shooter perspective as the enemies of man not just one faction. EC promises 4 playable races from the start, Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Eldar, and Orks. And yet they promise after their launch (in 2015) to eventually add all the races from W40k based on community opinion! (Tau, Dark Eldar, Imperial Guard) It also promises massive battlefields with all vehicles from W40k. This game also will be extremely clan friendly. Allowing you to form your own Strike team, customize your own unique armor paint, aboard your own Ship flying over the planet surface and elect a Chapter Master. (Sounds ideal for this community eh?? Anyways, if you can't tell I'm really on the hype train for this right now.
  10. The newest workaholics season starts tonight!!! It's gonna get weird!
  11. Hmm, I do believe that a good story is a must for any game, otherwise your just completing things for no reason. But the fact that it may be a total grindfest really throws it off. I was hoping combat would be refreshing like a 'run and gun' type of fighting. The whole grind nonsense/lack of endgame was what made me leave GW2 in the first place.
  12. So on steam "The Secret World" is on sale for only $10.19 for the game. This game used to be a monthly based subscription MMO but is now a buy once play forever model like Guild Wars 2. I'm sorta burnt out on Guild Wars 2 though. I didn't make it that far before I lost the willpower to play it. So my question is, does anyone in the AJSA community play it/will be interested in playing it? What are the positives or negatives to this game? Or am I wasting my time researching this? My main concern is how this MMO went from B2P to P2P in less than 5 months from launch, either the game was garbage back then, or it was the business model that ruined profits.. (Not as bad as SWTOR though lol)
  13. Call of Duty: Finest Hour was the greatest CoD game I ever played, the intro to the Russian Campaign gets me everytime, it was literally one of the most badass moments in gaming. And for that reason I don't completely hate the Cod franchise. I just hate what it has become.
  14. Definitely the most emotional rant I've ever seen. I admit the first time I heard people like TotalBiscuit and then Angry Joe rant about this and say this was ruining their livelihoods I was a bit skeptical. I had no idea that Joe, TB, and others did this full time like a job. I thought this was just a side hobby for him, but now I realize how much time and effort it takes Joe to make these entertaining videos all by himself. The costs of all of that studio-grade equipment, the time it takes to record those videos, and even harder, the time it takes to edit those videos especially if this is a one man job....that's pretty damn tough to pull off. It's like making a weekly national tv show, all by yourself, and then suddenly having that entire tv show get threatened to be shut down by the asshole corporate network. The personal side of this rant made me understand the gravity of this situation fully.
  15. You know Call of Duty used to be a fantastic game. When it was Call of Duty 1,2, and 4 Some of my greatest video game memories was from CoD 1. The first level when you play as a russian soldier storming through the hellish warswept waste of Stalingrad. That was a cool game, and I had never played such an intense WW2 experience until that day. CoD's problem now is that it doesn't innovate. It's the same graphics with a changed up list of guns. I hate how it still pushes a $60 price tag and a million copies get sold because of such minor changes.