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  1. I thought Batman v Superman was okay though not amazing, I will likely give it a go.
  2. Oh not at all, I felt that he definitely should have lost it is how he lost that mattered to me. And it seemed a lame way to make him get caught etc.
  3. horizon zero dawn

    Definitely will give it a watch though I found the reasons for things to be fascinating myself (not saying you didn't have not watched it as of writing)
  4. I am willing to see it before I judge it, largely because Netflix is known for doing a decent job of late with shows as well as hoping they can give a good ending. I disliked the ending of Death Note personally.
  5. I would like it to be good, but I think I will wait a bit before buying, at least til they get some patches in.
  6. If it is anything like the previous games I am most interested
  7. If I had to take a guess there is a nit pickiness given Bioware's recent games and how they seem to be more MMO than single player game. But that is just me since I have just been hearing a lot of mixed messages regarding Andromeda and I have not as yet played it.
  8. There is a game I am curious about Vampyr I think it is called but I cannot recall exactly. Worried it is going to suck since it looks really interesting to me. Also Prey.
  9. Welcome
  10. Hmm Australia bans a lot of things don't they.
  11. Mmmm baked cheddar . . . . . I mean Welcome
  12. More characters are a good thing, especially if lesser known. Might get them into comic books more lol
  13. I will probably be getting it at some point, but I am not going to pre-order. I have learned my lesson with that.
  14. We hope glory anyway, recently saw some news saying there are micro transactions in the game. Though hopefully EA didn't completely fuck it up and made it only cosmetic.