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King SonGoku

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  1. King SonGoku liked a post in a topic by smp1717 in Who Truly Wins in a Fight: Superman Vs. Goku (At Full Power)   
    its not rocket science people, I could care less about the death battle I was just wondering what everyone elses opinion was.  If you dont have an opinon or like the thread then go to a different one. 
  2. smp1717 liked a post in a topic by King SonGoku in Who Truly Wins in a Fight: Superman Vs. Goku (At Full Power)   
    Goku win win hands down haha.. just because each time Goku Dies he'll just come back with a single wish but on the other hand if Super Man dies.. well I don't see anyway of him coming back to life. 
  3. King SonGoku liked a post in a topic by Ysnar in Heads up about a Free youtube video/MP3 downloader   
    Just a heads up about this program I use, its called 'Free Youtube Downloader' by DVDVideoSoft:
    What sets is apart from the plethora of online/offline youtube download options is that you could set it to download an entire playlist or even a whole channel (in the available qualities e.g 480/720/1080).  All you have to do is open the program, paste the video, playlist or channel URL and leave it to do the heavy work... it even organizes the playlists within the channels into sub-folders, which is neat.
    They also made a program called 'Free youtube to MP3 converter', which rips the audio from any video.
    The only catch is that they have an ad at the bottom of the program, which can be closed.
  4. Noctaz liked a post in a topic by King SonGoku in Call of Duty Ghost or Battlefield 4   
    BF4 is the best out of the two.. In COD you get a lot of kids and i think its to easy (my opinion).  
  5. King SonGoku liked a post in a topic by Angry Joe in AJSA Launch Day Debriefing! Nov. 7th, 2013   
    *Whew!*  WOW.
    What a day man. It's been crazy as hell over here among command during Launch Day for The New Angry Army! I am really taken back and humbled by how much support you guys have shown me and our new community!
    Get this... 5,814 Members, apart from our stealth launch where we got around 300 members, those all came within just one day, less even! We launched around 3:00pm. So its actually been about 9 Hours! LOL! Wowie!
    Good GOD! You see this is why! This is exactly why. I really respect the fact that when I make a video or ask for your support you guys come through, and so that's why I tried my best and worked my butt off to create something that looked good and had some of the best features around for you. Now I'm no where near finished yet, and now that you have shown us so much support im only going to redouble my efforts to make this the best community we can make it!
    As a direct result though you guys obliterated my dedicated server, lol. The site went down almost immediately. I got on the phone ASAP and was troubleshooting and tweaking the settings with my host nearly the whole way through! 
    I apologize for the crashes and slow loading times. Angry Bot on Teamspeak which assigns you guys the correct permissions also got knocked the eff out by your might, lol. I'm currently repairing him with his creator.
    Anyway the server people tell me that even with my current configuration there is not much else they can do if we plan to maintain these levels of traffic or if we continue to push very directed youtube traffic to the servers at one time. They have recommended me adding one possibly two servers and even a load balancer that should be able to offset this in the future. Unfortunately that's pretty expensive. They are putting together some options for us and will get back on Friday.
    On the flip side, we absolutely destroyed our November Site & Server Goals, hell it was at 95% just from the Stealth Launch Users alone! So what may end up having to happen is to raise this goal to cover the costs of running those new servers if we decide to upgrade and add em'! I want to personally thank (and have been in the forums) everyone who has donated so far, and everyone who has signed up to the Club Memberships we offer - the Club Memberships allow us to know for sure how much the guild treasury will have each month to cover our costs and allow us to do some of the cool things we have planned! Thanks to everyone who helped and to those who plan to help in the future!
    There still much I have to do, more people and club members to thank in the forums, features to fix and upgrade for the site yet. So please stay tuned for that!
    Also, the AJSA Recruitment video will be going up on AngryJoeShow youtube tomorrow, please be on the lookout for it and give it another view! Spread the word too! See you guys then.

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  6. King SonGoku liked a post in a topic by Rain in Xbox to PC   
    Welcome SonGoku, Dyzzles is right about desktops being much cheaper. You can probably get away with $1000 for a PC but you would have to run on low settings. It's probably best you save up a bit more for a higher budget. PCs are like condoms, it's better to be have it and not need it rather than not have it and need it (modified quote from AvP). 
  7. King SonGoku liked a post in a topic by Dyzzles in Xbox to PC   
    Welcome to the Angry Army, SonGoku!
    If you plan on using your 'soon to be machine' strictly for gaming, I recommend getting a Desktop, rather than a laptop. Desktops are fairly cheaper and in most cases more powerful (that depends on the specs you're comparing).
  8. King SonGoku liked a post in a topic by XxDex-starrxX in Is this a good pc build.   
    CPU-AMD Phenom II X4
    RAM-G.SKILL 8GB Ram(2X4GB)
    GPU-SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7850
    Motherboard-MSI 970A-G46 AM3+
    HDD-Western Digital WD Blue 500 GB
    Case-NZXT Source 210
    DVD Drive- Black SATA 24X DVD Burner
    PSU-Corsair CX 430