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  1. You could try a program called Motioninjoy. It detects controllers and automatically installs the correct driver for use. It's how I use my PS3 controller on steam
  2. Welcome pal
  3. GTA V for me. The last of us was a good experience, but it felt much more interactive with much less actual gameplay. At least for me.
  4. Welcome
  5. I play TF2 fairly often as an avid trader. I'd be more than happy to play TF2 with anyone who'd like to
  6. I wont be getting the new consoles for a while. The price tag just isn't worth it IMO when I already have what I need with a PC.
  7. Welcome to the army
  8. Handsome Jack is a villain you love to hate yet hate to love. Brilliant writing from Gearbox regarding him. He was the PERFECT villain for the setting, and makes you genuinely laugh.
  9. Welcome deadlystrain Very cool to see someone from Sweden, great metal comes from there. Hope you like the forum, see ya around.
  10. I really enjoy Treyarch's campaigns. The guys behind MW3 and CoD Ghosts...not so much, just meh. And yeah, World at war was such a great game. Dat MP40 tho
  11. Vanquish for sure, Alpha Protocol was grossly underrated IMO Deadly Premonition, though not everyone who plays it likes it...
  12. Welcomeeeee
  13. Honestly I prefer scorestreaks over killstreaks...it encourages objective play to some extent
  14. Well if you're a PC gamer it's a no-brainer. Call of duty ghosts on the PC is a disgrace to PC gaming. The requirements are 50GB hard drive space (Yes, it's a FIFTY gigabyte download) 6GB Of RAM (you literally need at least 6 or you can't even play) and it's recommended you have at least a GTX 760 @ 4GB...Yeah, a 4GB graphics card. Battlefield 4 by far.