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  1. Everyone but the Kool-Aid drinkers sees this game as a joke. 7 years, nearly $200 million, and it's nothing more than a buggy, broken TECH DEMO. And Discovery stage of the CryTek lawsuit is when the real fun begins. And Doc, you're nothing but a lair and an out-of-touch idiot. "Star Citizen compared to many other games is that we are able to test and give feedback to a many features they are working on"?!? Ever hear of Early Access? Open Beta? GODDAMN IT, you are THE biggest pile of stupid I've seen in a long, long time. And I know you tried to pass a very edited version of the Gamescon 17 as just how great that game is while hiding away all the crashes, bugs, and fails. You're nothing but a worthless hype man, spewing bullshit, garbage, and lies in a pathetic attempt to get anybody interested in that failing scam of a game. Every post of yours can be summarized as "Please buy this game, PLEASE!" And we've been down this road before. You're pathetic. Do us all a favor, and FUCK OFF.
  2. They've finally gotten around to making them. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/215814918/fruitiest-orange-juice-plushies/description Campaign Ends March 1, 10 AM EST [Reached Goals] $13k - Campaign Goal; Production greenlit for Suguri and Marie Poppo plushies $17k - A physical print of the character's Hyper Card will be included with each plushie $21k - Sora is added to the production line $25k - A physical print of the character's Unit Card will be included with each plushie $29k - Star Breaker is added to the production line $33k - ~3cm plush star is added to each Poppo plushie $37k - QP is added to the production line $45k - Hime is added to the production line $55k - ~4cm plush Bomb is added to each Star Breaker plushie $65k - ~4cm plush RBit is added to each QP plushie [Additional Stretch Goals] $73k - A plush sword is added to each Sora plushie $81k - Plush red and blue chains are added to each Hime plushie $89k - Plush Accelerator device is added to each Suguri plushie
  3. star citizen

    *snerk* 3.0 is a buggy, broken, and frequently unplayable mess. Everyone that isn't drinking the Kool-Aid knows it. And nobody around here cares about this dumpster fire anymore, aside from the behind-the-scenes drama at CiG. And the CryTek lawsuit will finish off the company (and the game with it) for good.
  4. To me, this tells me CryTek isn't going for some paltry settlement. They want CiG D-E-A-D.
  5. In addition to this, Crytek has enlisted the services of Skadden to represent them. This is a ultra top tier law firm. One of their recent victories; Zenimax v Facebook/Oculus Rift. CryTek is out for blood.
  6. "Amazing job", yeah right.
  7. No one here play save for one incessant, Kool-Aid drinkin', hype man that won't leave. We all given up on this debacle ages ago.
  8. A couple of things; 1) CIG recently had a panel at TwitchCon. Lando says the "game is practically finished". Rumor going around for awhile that 3.0 will be the MVP, Minimum Viable Product. Source: https://clips.twitch.tv/EncouragingAmorphousPastaDuDudu 2) A Goon known by the nickname of "The Agent" who also supposedly works for CiG has claimed this: Source: https://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3800238&userid=0&perpage=40&pagenumber=2551
  9. Rumor has it 3.0 Alpha will be 1.0 Final. They're abandoning ship.
  10. Today's topic: A hype bitch (and likely a paid shill) spammer known as "Doctor". Post nothing but CiG-branded hype vids, ignores blatantly obvious problems, and just an all-around douche. Let's shut this motherfucker down for good. It's time for this useless shitbag to go away. The bitch isn't influencing anyone here, and yet doesn't get it. And there are at least three posters here who are actively against the dumbass.
  11. Ships? You must mean jpegs. At the rate CiG is going, we'll be flying actual spaceships before they get those in the game. Who am I kidding, the whole thing is probably going to collapse within a year anyway.
  12. 3.0 is a massive joke. From what I gathered, performance is worse than ever. The physics engine frequently screws up. NPCs bug out frequently (and are strictly scripted). Here's a real player parking a Nox inside a Cutlass. It's a hot mess. They rushed the build so it'll be out in time for CitizenCon.
  13. 150+ million and nearly 6 years of work...
  14. 1. You've already demonstrated you have no interest in discussion. You're just a hype man. 2. You contradict yourself with your second paragraph. CIG's financial situation does matter. It'll be DNF all over again; CIG will go bust and someone will sift through its ashes to see if there is any viable product at all. If they deem that there is, they'll just tidy it up and shove it out the door regardless of the state of the game.
  15. Here's the cold hard truth you blatantly ignored. The whole thing, is late. It was supposed to be out in 2014, but here we are in 2017 with the third Alpha, an ALPHA with its scope significantly reduced, being delayed for nearly a year, and it is clearly a mess. Its doesn't matter how many branches it has, it means nothing if it is not working, and the Chris' on-rails presentation demonstrated that the whole thing is a trainwreck. And yet you continue to lie, distort, and just ignore things you can't dispute. You post nothing but the latest bullshit propaganda from CIG. You have no thoughts of your own. If we wiped clean every bit of CIG's propaganda, every bullshit hype vid you have posted, then this one truth becomes clear; You have contributed nothing here. You have no credibility, and the last vid you posted is all the proof anyone could ever need of that. You are pathetic. You offer nothing. My advise to you... And just leave.