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    Houston, Texas
  1. its the red and the black, thats all i remember, joe said it in his review if you want to see the name
  2. my psn is killerpeanutz, im pretty good at battlefield and i understand the games will be completely but i see myself as a medic first and a heavy assault second
  3. my psn is killerpeanutz, i play the hardline beta, nba 2k, and gta 5 on ps3, but i will be upgrading when it comes out for the ps4
  4. I haven't seen much about nba2k14 but i love the game and it looks beautiful on next gen just wondering if any of you have a crew for current gen or will be getting it for next gen, feel free to add me on psn, my id is KILLERpeanutz
  5. the ps4 controller is the same size as the 360, i agree that the left analog stick being elevated on the controller makes my hand hurt
  6. some people hate to watch others walk blindly in to stupidity
  7. I was wondering if anyone will have BF4 on the ps4, i have a ps3 now but am not planning on getting BF4 until it comes out on ps4
  8. probably because the larger, less dedicated audience of BF4