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  • Birthday 05/22/1994

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    Gaming(obviously) and music. I'll play just about anything too.
  1. CyclicFlame CyclicFlame
  2. CyclicFlame
  3. GT Screen name CyclicFlame CyclicFlame
  4. I wasn't originally planning on getting this, but I'm so down to play it. All these good games are coming in the fall!
  5. My gamertag is CyclicFlame! can't wait to play with you guys!
  6. Titanfall looks so sick! I'm gonna get it as soon as I can!
  7. Personally I am going to wait until about half way through 2014, then pick the console up with Ryse, Destiny, Halo 5, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Titanfall. Those are the Xbox One games that I want, but to me that still makes the console worth buying, just not right away.
  8. Depends if the pirates are like Edward Kenway or not. If they are, then obviously pirates. If not then definately ninjas
  9. don't forget, the AJSA are the TERRAN REPUBLIC!
  10. Sword made of swordfish bone... i think i'll be ok
  11. I'm in, lets rock
  12. I can play anything, but when the going gets tough i prefer to be an engineer with an anti-air launcher. i'm down to join you guys. it'll be epic
  13. Ok thanks, and I'm really sorry that I put this in the wrong section!
  14. Hey guys, so I'm having trouble finding the AJSA server for battlefield 4. I'm on 360 and I dunno if there just arent any servers for the 360 version yet or what. anyone care to help? and if this is in the wrong place then I apologize