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  1. I edited this Black Ops 3 Safe Guard video for my cousin, so all of the footage and voiceover was provided by him. Feedback is most welcome.
  2. league of legends

    I'm pretty suck a LOL, but it'll be great having some people to play with. Sum is DrowningDoctor
  3. Thank you so much for the advise. I will definitely put these techniques to use. I think the problem for me was when i was recording, i would just go off the top. Then everything i said sounded lile nonsense. So writing it down and reading it out will help me proccess it better.
  4. My latest video. Not very proud of this one. The intro and the outro are a bit cheesy. I meant to do a voice-over commentary for this video, but unfortunately, my nerves got the best of me. Still feel free to give feed back. For now I'm stuck at 720p and 30fps. That's only something that can improve with better hardware. I have an okay laptop, but hopefully i can get my own build sometime in future. https://youtu.be/J0YyGFTwDLg
  5. Additionally, here is a video that i did for Overwatch.
  6. Hello, i am a new player that's been playing for a few months, I'm level 30. My Summoner name is DrowningDoctor.
  7. Thank You Mr.Meatshield, i appreciate the kind words.
  8. Like the Title says, I'm extremely new to making YouTube videos and editing in general. This will probably as amateurish as it gets. I recorded my game play with OBS and edited with Hit Film 4 express. Feed back of any kind would be much appreciated. Thank You. https://youtu.be/feNOe9AQoTk
  9. Hey, I don't have many people to play with. I'm on the NA server, so if you ever want someone to play with, my sum is DrowningDoctor.
  10. I only buy during the Sales. Spring isn't going to come soon enough.
  11. The ouya. I mean it.
  12. I don't drink energy drinks. So it's either water or soda. Food wise, i freaking love Munchies.
  13. I grew up with Marvel. Not so much DC. But it's not fair that DC has Super-Man because he's going to win all the time. Statistics wise, i would go with DC. Having said that... MARVEL 4 LYFE.
  14. I have yet to buy the dlc. It's only two bucks on the market place so i will get it soon. Probalby the only dlc i have been exited for saints row iv
  15. The first game i absolutely loved was Mario Kart 64 because i had my uncle had let me play it when he had his 64. When he bought a PlayStation he passed the 64 and his games onto me. It was my first game console and i adored every bit of it. The first game that i freaking despised with every bone in my body Superman 64. That game gave me some messed up intrusive thoughts when i was growing up. It was so broken.