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    Poland, Warsaw
  1. First and second are classics. HOMM 3 is in my opinion the best of the series. 4 is total garbage for me. I nearly threw it out of my window. Fifth one is quite good. It follows the path of third HOMM. I haven't played last one and I don't think I will. Maybe it's a terrible argument but... it just doesn't have "it" to me. Maybe it will change in the future but for now I will stay with good ol' third game of the series.
  2. Dawn of War "1" is still my favourite RTS. And I loooove Warhammer 40K fluff so it doubles (if not triples the fun). And, as someone could guess, I play TAU (both in video game and tabletop). For the Greater Good!
  3. If the play ability sucks itself, then I won' play it. And if I won't play it, I won't be able to see any plot holes, so they are not important for me. If the game is on an acceptable level of fun, I will play it just to see how it ends. In that case, I would find plot holes rather fun, not annoying. And if game is great, the plot interest me at max 49%, so I just want a good (it don't have to be super-ultra excellent) ending. But I won't hate anybody if he thinks defferently. ;-)
  4. If there would be restricyion to games, there should be a restriction for books, films and other stuff with violent content. And I don't really think that this would happen. The problem is, that most parents think, that games are just for kids and they are not even looking at ESRB (or PEGI). They'll just go to shop, buy a game that child wants and later on, if something will happen , they will blame a game for being brutal. So, if a child is mature enough for a game, why shouldn't he play it?
  5. I'm not really buying the console for lauch games. I'm going to buy it with fifa 14 to play with friends and watch dogs. I think that will take me some time and then I will buy inFamous:SS and diablo3 with expansion. And I think I will not regret me buying that cosole, even if there is nothing "super special" within these starters. :-P Besides it's not like these games suck, is it? ;-)
  6. When the topic is interesting to me, I always read every comment. It's logical, isn't it?
  7. Mainly a PC guy. Going to buy PS4 when it'll come out in europe to play with friend on the couch (coop) and because I enjoy playing on the big screen. However I definitely won't buy any FPS on PS4 ( man I suck when I'm trying to play FPS on console...- mouse and keyboard 4ever <3 )
  8. Something like diablo 3 (console version with couch co-op) and something similar to XCOM: EU. And of course anything new and creative. Everything new and creative will be enthusiaticly welcomed. ;-)
  9. Yep, I prefer 40Ks' fluff over Fantasy battle too. However I find FB a little more enjoyable during the actual game. (maybe it's because i don't have to move every particular guy in my squad, which is pretty annoying if you play with orcs or imperial guard... :-P)
  10. I would say it have the "deeper" meaning. 9/10
  11. Hi, I just made this poll to know which of these two is more popular. If you don't have any models, just choose in which one you are interested. ;-) In my case I like both of them. (3 armies of WH 40K and 1 army for WH FB :-P )
  12. But maybe it's connected with luck... Wasn't blue a lucky colour for orcs? (something similar to the red colour making your vehicles faster)
  13. That was rhetorical question, I think. ;-) I'm already gathering money for PC upgrade and Collectors Edition is a "must have" for me. And I think I will complete the 2. Witcher one more time before the release of the third. :-P
  14. I love every RTS category, and if I'm not playing some it's because of money or time... :-P But if I have to choose my top, I would go with RTS that gives me the most fun in the coop mode- that;s why I charmed by Dawn of War 2 and its expansions. ;-)
  15. Dante from DMC (but not that emo from the last one) and Geralt from The Witcher (although mostly from books, but in the games he was pretty cool too ;-) )