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  1. Greetings, Do we have EU / US Guild in Albion? //Naki
  2. OMG!! Uncharted games... instant need! //Naki
  3. They just sent the mails. //Naki
  4. I think this is just the current standard. You either get help from your parents or slave yourself for one of the Banks, or continue to pay rent for a place that you cannot truly ever call home. I have lived with my parents for ~3 years after graduating. I have managed to save up thanks to this enough to buy a small place that I can truly call my own. Btw, hows the GoFundMe working out?
  5. Okay, lets be honest... It is understandable for a company to stop supporting and pumping in cash into a dead branch of the Project. BUT!!!! the way they handle their business is just blood boiling! Kombat Pack 2 was announced before Xmas, and yet they did not not sent out an Update that PC will become abandon-ware. Ok...ok... they probably decided on that after Xmas... fine. http://www.twitch.tv/netherrealm/v/4692199 45:30 "there will be a patch for PC version that LITERALLY BRINGS PC VERSION ON PAR WITH CONSOLES". https://twitter.com/noobde/status/692474622848147464 Mortal Kombat XL : "EVERY FATALITY EVERY FIGHTER EVERY SKIN"... ( but only if you pre-order...) No pre-order: you will have to pay for additional DLC in our MKXL edition of "EVERY FATALITY EVERY FIGHTER EVERY SKIN". I would love to see Steam ban all WB- reletad games! This is one of my new dreams :I log-into steam and in the Update news I see a big WB-Games logo crossed over!!!
  6. What makes it even more hilarious is that this patch is supposed to be "THE HOLY GRAIL" that should have fixed a lot of issues!!! //Naki
  7. Soooo :DD Anyone who updated their MK-X with the 15GB update should find that their profile is reset, TOTALLY!!! Unlocks, Stats, Levels, Faction, Krypt... everything... I am not sure but I'd love to see a quick V-log Rant regarding this issue... thus increasing the pressure to fix this and probably gain a few views since this issue is quite fresh! //Naki
  8. I think this should be a common practice just as much as the first day DLC. It is not a requirement, but something they should consider adopting. //Naki
  9. Howdy... What do you think about this? NetherRealm does not have PreLoad for MKX!!! A game that is ~40GB :DD //To be honest I have a fast connection, but this is just ridiculous! Things like this just shows how inexperienced NRS is with the handling of a major release, and the lack of responses on the forums and the handling of the community is below average. (All their mods do is move threads, and that is all.) So far I am disappointed, will see soon. //Naki
  10. and the mail reason most people was not using the tag mode is the shitty netcode mk9 and injustice had. But tag mode I think was a great idea... //Naki
  11. Could we gather all the AJSA members who will pick up MK-X on PC, PS, XBox and see if we can organize a room and tournaments for us? Also I hope there is no region-lock on PC (nor on consoles)! For me I am considering buying for PC but ig there is gonna be a shitty micro-transaction system than I'll pass. I will wait till I get some info regarding that. //Naki
  12. What I couldn't hear out from the interview with Ed Boon, is that in the Krypt you can unlock everything with Koin grind, or you have to cash in because some items are cash only? //edit https://twitter.com/AngryJoeShow/status/582708949264179200/photo/1 //Naki
  13. Dont' forget that you probably win the game by flying around in a X/Y/B-Wing / Tie, while an R2 unit collects the points. //Naki
  14. I just had to add this here : //Naki
  15. Consider this : In MK9 each champion had its own one unique play-style. You may not care about the skins, but in MK-X with every extra character, you get 3 variations... and to be honest I just love that feature! //Naki