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  1. JHCRANE 14 liked a post in a topic by Naki in No Tag Mode in MK X!!!   
    What I couldn't hear out from the interview with Ed Boon, is that in the Krypt you can unlock everything with Koin grind, or you have to cash in because some items are cash only?
  2. Naki liked a post in a topic by Beatmaster A.C. in What are your thoughts on Star wars Battlefront 3?   
    my thoughts:
    - pre order DLC (dual sabers^^) 
    - Day one patch/DLC
    - Buggy start (crash to desktop, bugs/bugusing, glitches, connection problems...)
    - broken netcode
    - missing Chars, missing weapons, missing planets/Battlegrounds, missing fractions...etc which will be sold later as overpriced DLCs
    - Premium Version, digital Deluxe Edition, Collectors Edition, Day-One Edition, Dark Force Edition, Light Side Edition, Headhunter Edition...
    - 720p @ 30fps on Xbox, 900p/1080p @ 30fps for the PS4
    - Origin obligation
    - Battlelog obligation
    - Perks, classes, unlocks, level ups, paying for instant unlocks, double XP,XP boosts...well, no "all players are equal" like in CS,Toxikk, Quake, UT...
    - OP/buffed weapons rant vs. incredible nerfed/weak weapons
    well the usual EA standard quality
  3. JHCRANE 14 liked a post in a topic by Naki in No Tag Mode in MK X!!!   
    I would like to thank Joe for his interview!  
    As for tag-team... it is understandable that they focused their attention on other parts of the game, but still it's a shame that they left it out.
  4. Sol Omega liked a post in a topic by Naki in Gaming Controversies of 2013!?   
    GTA5 will hit PC around 2014 summer, if all nrews are true, plus they really got nothing to lose, only to gain, like in the case of Ed Boon's MK9. Plus due to the work of the PC modding community it will be repurchased by a few. // too bad it will be a shitty console port like GTA4.

    Regarding the Survivor 2299 Hoax, i think it can be on the list but ... 
  5. DestinyDecade liked a post in a topic by Naki in Gaming Controversies of 2013!?   
    To be honest, Youtube's newly updated Contetn-ID matching system can be one.

  6. Jinzuro liked a post in a topic by Naki in AJSA Game Development Team   
    Crowdsourcing is hard to start, but it can be done.
  7. Naki liked a post in a topic by Ysnar in Gaming Controversies of 2013!?   
    In case it hasn't been mentioned, GTA 5 on consoles only... wtf? And the drones who made a troll petition to keep it console only to prevent or curb 'piracy'
    Also, yeah, cancelling C&C generals 2 after making it online only is finishing a dick move with another dick move
  8. Mama Russia liked a post in a topic by Naki in Gaming Controversies of 2013!?   
    Halleee all!
    It is almost that time of the year again...
    I though as an army, we could gather all the intel we can for our commander's top 10.  

    Please post and share your information, suggestion.

    Updated 10 Dec 2013 :
    - Aliens "You fucked it up!" CM
    False Advertising -> Gearbox gets a class action lawsuit Bought reviews ( not proven ) Tester's Reddit post ( not proven )

    - Command and Counquer Online
    EA F2P RTS Announced -> made -> cancelled before beta After Alpha test EA said "This is not the game you are looking for", shuts down Victory, laying off the entire studio  
    - Console Wars : Xbox One (Eighty)
    DRM TV Policies Adam Orth Don Mattrick  
    - Copyright strikes from WildGameStudios
     TotalBiscuit and Gary's Incident

    - Metro : Last Light
    Ranger Mode DLC

    - Nintendo
    Collect Royalties From YouTube Videos Income  
    - OUYA
    - Ride to Hell: Retribution

    - SimCity 
    EA DRM launch issues     // http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUl_Cj2_KWU 9$ DLC for balloons  
    - Survivor 2299 Hoax
    -Total War - Rome II
    So sad  
    - VGX Awards
    - War-Z
    Fail through the years ( scam, steal, ban, rename ) /watch?v=2u47v1RVBC4 http://warzscam.tumb...shame-the-war-z  
    - Youtube's newly updated Content-ID matching system

    // Sorry guys, I am not including GTA 4 / Online nor any new releases that had a few bugs and launch issues, only those that are below a set of standards like Ride to Hell or Total War : Rome II

    None the less, we can have a good discussion about what pissed us of this year!
  9. Jinzuro liked a post in a topic by Naki in AJSA Game Development Team   
    Well they said that UDK4 will be commercially available first, and after a while the community gets it with the new UDK. I'd pick that for FPS-TPS RPG game, and the c++ is a good addition.
    I would start with something small but in an engine that is still supported.
    My bro neighbor and myself started this with RA2.INI editing, than some TiC-TAC-Toe, than a multiplayer Snake PVP game, that one was awesome!!!!
  10. Naki liked a post in a topic by MaRkY in Gaming Controversies of 2013!?   
    What about Nintendo saying that you cannot show any of their footage without paying them royalties?
  11. Jinzuro liked a post in a topic by Naki in AJSA Game Development Team   
    Thank you,

    It was just a summer job for me back than, as a student, we developed multiplayer cross platform mini games trough bluetooth or wifi...etc.
    I can say i miss working in that area.

    Now I am working on mainframes and in my free time learn languages (be it programming or spoken).
    Ah and also for 2D games you could use Stencyl