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Everything posted by Gary145

  1. Hello, So I was in this group about a year ago, I left because the focus was moving to tanks, and also I didn't have the required tier 3 planes. I am wondering if this is still how this unit is working? I enjoyed being in the group, but I felt I wasn't "wanted". I like the planes aspect of this game, tanks are ok but really do nothing for me. Thanks for your time.
  2. A big Congrats Tobbi!
  3. welcome
  4. Cool idea!........I am long way off though.
  5. Gary145..........looking forward to teamwork and learning more tactics.
  6. Awesome! As a Air Force Vet....saw a lot of Aircraft fly, but the Old war birds still make me Say WOW.
  7. @Damion I have noticed that when I am on, there may be 6 to 10 people in game but perhaps only two in teamspeak. A lot of loners? Or they just like playing with people they know. I know people sometimes like to play alone. Or they are playing tanks....
  8. I am in I am in EST weekdays after 5:00 Weekends are better. Only have the p-40 at the moment
  9. On another note, are you guys playing on Steam or direct from the site? I am from their site.
  10. I just started playing......NooB....And I am all about the planes.
  11. Very cool......I saw two of them years ago at a airshow.
  12. I see your in to il 2 sturmovic, been playing the xbox version Birds of prey
  13. So been looking into this flight sim. I was wondering if anyone has played it and what they thought of it.
  14. Moneyman, Thanks for the info. I think I will pick it up soon. I did go on their web site, and i see what you mean about buying other aircraft. but from the game play I have seen on youtube it looks like something I could get into.
  15. Triumph!!! Rock it ......Got a few of their Albums,yes albums I am that old!
  16. This sounds good to me,looking forward to the adventures to come. I have high hope for this game and our group.
  17. That is a secret man ......
  18. There are several Videos of this game on YouTube if you want to check it out. It still has 19 days in Kickstarter, so you can still jump on if you want,
  19. A true racing legend. I wish him a quick recovery.
  20. Just a quick note....There are other ships that are going to be coming along as well.We just have to wait on them. They still have a whole year to work on this game until it is done. I am wanting to buy another ship also( Or two). I believe it will only be 64 bit.
  21. If we look to History most outfits had a marking of some sort, then Individual additions as well. But this is a game of course so people will want different things. Just keep a open mind and I am sure we can come up with something.
  22. I agree as well. If your going to do something do it right the first time! WOW there are some others out in the gaming world that could learn something by this example.
  23. Hello Son....
  24. Hello to all, Been a gamer since the first days of Pong! So you would say I am a OLD guy. But anyway I enjoy it. Played with my sons and daughter over the years. Nes,ps1,ps2,game cube,xbox360 and now PC. Looking forward to some online gaming soon with the Ajsa!