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    Freezing part of hell
  1. Here's a gun, your starter armor, and your weapons. Please watch your head.
  2. Thank~ ^w^
  3. Get in your box, soldier! Get ready for war!
  4. With all this heat, it's best to wait this all out until they either restock or when your money reloads from either savings or job(s).
  5. I'm Damon Katumaru, a werewolf like bing who is a graphic designer and game reviewer. The systems I play: - PC - xbox 360 - Wii U (don't judge me!) - Nintendo 3DS Nice to meet you all~!
  6. A free-to-play sequel to the classic DreamCast cult-classic, which was later ported from PC to the Nintendo Gamecube. Phatasy Star Online is a game that critics such as Total Bisket to the guys at Penny Arcade love as this fun game. If you want to try this classic game, try PSO:BB private servers, as they are servers that where alowed to be ran by the fan base. However, this is about the true sequel, unlike the Universe series, which was just a adverage spin-off of the Online series. This game was shown off two years ago at the Penny Arcade Expo and has won the customize award as the character creator is extreamly detailed, including the conserversal BOOB adjustments. (There's no way around that...) But that's not the fustrating part. THIS IS: http://massively.joystiq.com/2013/10/20/rumor-pso2-may-not-be-heading-to-the-west-despite-being-fully/ Sega, even when they promissed to port it over to the west for us gamers, Sega is doing the stupidest things by feading us lies just to keep the fan-base happy. Sure, it could be that western gamers have invaded the servers in japan, but part of it is because how far behind Sega is. This is no big surprize as sega has been doing stuff from the Shining Force copyright strikes, rushing games when they arn't finished, to even attacking and teasing their fan base. We understand if you guys are broke, but if you want money, learn from what Nintendo dose with some their licences and learn from their mistakes, like in the past. Hell, this is why game companies do to make money is to make free-to-play games, and PSO2 has a nice system where most weapon drops that help prevent people buying power at times. When FTP games has a system like that, it's doing something right. Right now, the game is going though Season 2 and the sea-beds are coming this mounth. If you guys want to try the game, I would reccomend using tweeker, a program made by the programer fans of PSO-world! and if you actually like this game, please give the fan base support. http://arks-layer.com/ Right now, I better stop raging. After all, that's Angry Joe's job.
  7. Besides Gmod, one of the best games to have mods!
  8. I have it, but I'm already in a multi-group...whew...
  9. Yet another angry rant upcoming soon...We exspect that from you, Ms. Joe.
  10. I have it, though, Im busy at my end...
  11. Nor is there a PSO2 team. Then agian, no one really hear of that game before (the funny thing is that I play it via tweeker)