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    Warhammer 40k, Youtube, League of legends, WWE, Assassin's Creed, Garry's mod, Total war series, DRAGONFORCE!, Nightwish, there is a lot more interests but too many to list.
  1. You know..I was going to write a review..in fact I did..but then the site decided my request timed out and I lost ALL of my work. So you guys get to suffer with this line and a half. Thanks for reading.
  2. we don't really need music....but thanks anyway. we need passionate gamers and we need people to sit up and take notice
  3. Not sure about it. From what I can tell, it is going to get boring after a while, like titanfall. The beast needs unique evolutions on each playthrough (or at least ways to get different evolutions, like wings)
  4. Ok first off, hi, I'm a frustrated Australian gamer who is sick and tired of how gaming companies are treating the entire Oceanic region. However, we don't have a voice. I want to give us one, and I need the Angry Army to support us. I plan on starting a youtube channel with a few other passionate gamers and doing something like machinima and game grumps, but for this cause. This will take a lot of effort, and potentially a good amount of money. We will not be profiting from this. We have a lot to plan before doing anything. For example: Who does what, The name of the Channel, segments, and more. I will be leading the charge to fight for equality in the gaming industry. I will be putting a lot of time and effort into organizing this. I need to get programs, learn to use them, learn to edit (video and audio), and so much more. But it is worth the effort! I am going to put my all into this cause, and I hope I can find people who will do the same. I know there is a small chance of success, but that wont stop me from trying. Something has to be done. Video plans for the future/brainstorms: Group rants. Solo Rants. Gameplay of high ping in popular games. News. Company praising. Company shaming. There will certainly be more ideas in the future and some of these, or most of these ideas, can be scrapped. I know somebody who knows people, so this idea can spread. If anyone is willing to offer their help, I will definitely discuss things with you and see if anything can be done. This will not be a quick project, this will be a very long one. I am not made of money, and I am in the process of getting ready to move at the end of the year, which will put me in a horrible spot as I will be moving somewhere with horrible internet and little space at first. It's family, and me and my family will be looking for a place to buy or rent afterwards, but I will not be in an owned or rented place for a minimum of 6 months. But I will still be putting effort into the cause. I am very passionate and I am only turning 18 in may. Yeah, I am a youngin, but I want change more than anything. This cause is by gamers, for gamers. Oceanic Gamers Unite! P.S: Forgive me for grammar, spelling, or idea errors, as I was typing this at midnight. P.P.S: This idea is not a flash in the pan, this is going to be a revolution
  5. and they have a lot more pressure than most people,so they are allowed the odd slip up, but they also do their best to keep people happy, which is more than what most people do. Somehow I completely forgot to mention Markiplier as one of those awesome youtubers with tons of preassure. I don't think there has been any controversy around him at all has there? I would even say Mark puts the most effort into his content you can see it and hear it, especially his multiplayer stuff. People asked him to tone down the swearing, he did, although he has said horror and rage games are an exception. After really thinking about it, I am going to unsub her..shes changed, its small, but if you really compare her older videos, you can see it. It's a shame really, because I stayed up an extra 30 minutes to watch videos she uploads (timezones), and I just love everything she does.. but her attitude towards fans..its worthy of an unsub. I hope my other favourites don't suddenly change either
  6. she is also great at what she does, which is why I am in 2 minds about this. I love her videos, but she groups trolls and fans together, pretty much seeing it as 4chan. And it's not like she spams or anything, its like, 1 post each video (of course, there are most ilkely plenty of videos that she doesn't even comment on, but it is hard to tell due to youtubes terrible comment system)
  7. fair enough. Also, I find it ironic you are using Talon in your signature while having "Rain" next to it Yeah but pewdies 1 comment was that, 1 comment, and he apologised for it. He respects his fans because he knows, without his fans, he is nothing. I also don't use twitter so I know nothing about TB venting on there, but his videos are all professional, and he, like Pewds, cares about the fans and wouldn't suddenly snap at something so small, it would have to be MASSIVE for either of them to acknowledge it
  8. Except for the longest time, she didn't edit videos, and thats why people loved her. I also have a youtube channel so I know what to do (sure I don't have fans, but I know how to youtube) But guys like pewds, joe, TB, etc, are professional, and they are still funny as hell and very loved, and pewds is the top youtuber, tb and joe are also verrry popular. I may just do that, as much as I hate to do it because I love her videos, I just might have to do it
  9. Yeah I know but still...shes one of those happy people who laugh more than normal and have a lot of fun. But then she groups a genuine fan with a bunch of trolls and tells us to go fuck ourselves (in summary). I think she is just used to everyone kissing her ass and freaks out the moment somebody says something even remotely negative (which is just plain unprofessional)
  10. but then there is the chance of her blowing up more, going on a tirade on twitter, and even making a video about it (which is very very possible)
  11. I unfortunately don't use twitter at all (I despise the site) But she snaps on pretty much every video about comments much worse than mine (mine wasn't even bad, in fact, it got likes). I am sure there are other people posting worse stuff on the video.
  12. and I am astonished how many people just see everyone as the same and groups the genuine fans who state their opinion with the assholes and trolls. Bah..this whole situation really bothers me on an emotional level..
  13. this, so much this. I feel insulted that she pretty much told fans to go **** themself if they don't like something
  14. but the thing is, it was a simple comment. No caps, no rage, no insults, no attacks. And suddenly im muted forever and she threatens anyone else who complains. Have we gotten our first EA youtuber?
  15. but the worst part is, I have seen her flip out a few times, granted they deserved it, but my post was not even close to the othersl She instantly called everyone who is complaining, self entitled morons. I mean thats a great way to keep fans, right, RIIIIGHT? Somebody popular does what the fans want, thats how they get more fans and how they keep the popular ones happy. She serves as a role model whether she likes it or not