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Red Dragon

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    Atlanta, GA
  • Interests
    -Disliking CoD
    -Investigating Half Life 3
    -Playing Trouble in Terrorist Town
    -Making people rage (sort of)
    -Indie Games
    -Protecting consumer rights
  1. My previous post-rather my introduction, outlined that I breathe fire. Well now its time to breathe f**king FIRE. WTF EA?! I know it's been talked to death (and at the time of posting Lord Joe made a video rant about BF4 a day ago) but I feel it needs to come from a PC player that doesn't have AlienWare or whatever else the Elitists have in their arsenal. I've got a plain old AMD VISION A8 CPU. Yes, a CPU. How the balls I'm able to run BF4 the way it is now on medium and get 40ish frames is beyond me, but the crashes are what ruin it. Turn around too fast, crash. The skyscraper that was hyped up by EA to collapse and change the battlefield actually collapses, crash. Trying to do a barrel roll in a scout helicopter, crash (in more ways than one). It's painful to play and its raping my processor. EA fix your sh*t.
  2. Here and will always be here is me, Red Dragon. I am an ampet tuior gamer and a 'member' of TrollArch, Vigilante Gamers, and various other in-game groups. My main interests in the gaming economy are protecting consumer rights from the Big Boys and the production and distribution of Indie games, though other stuff is thrown in there now and again. In addition I am a hardcore PC gamer and in all honesty, since the XBone One came out I don't think I'll lay my hands on a console again. Long live the Angry Army! My game library includes: (Just to give you an idea of my sense of taste) Dishonored Multiple 'Total War' titles Papers, Please PlanetSide 2 Battlefield 4 (PREMIUM) Half Life(s) 1 and 2 Hitman: Blood Money Hitman: Absolution Garry's Mod Team Fortress 2