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Corporate Agent A2

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  1. Nein! It was horrendous on every level. HE FARTED ON OUR COMMANDER! (If I could be allowed to break character for a moment, I enjoyed it a lot. )
  2. Overrated.
  3. Agent! You are not even wearing your tag! .... Are you on a subtle mission for the Commander?
  4. Nonsense! The new image of the Lego franchise has been made to appease a wider audience. Our beloved Corporate Commander, in his eternal wisdom, has decided that we can earn more dollars by injecting pop culture jokes into the games and adding pristine pop songs to the sound track. What fan wouldn’t approve of seeing Lego bricks being moved around while Lady Gaga is singing her latest hit? Corporate Commander has spoken and we will obey, we need more talking Lego bricks and to lose the witty image. Lego will be more serious and grim. I can already hear the money pouring in!
  5. Incorrect, said individual is just another worker. Just another agent.
  6. Pssst… A1. Corporate Commander is currently testing our henchmen's ability to senselessly buy whatever we release with the word Fifa slapped across the disk.
  7. I'll activate the man hacks. They will flush him out eventually. I knew stealing ideas from the Civil Protection of Half Life 2 would pay off eventually.
  8. Encompassing a single individual, even an immortal being is a simple task. Ensure that he is incapable of movement through some restricting means, chains, rope or even by locking him inside a block of concrete. We dump him underground and wait for the earth to swallow him whole. He might escape eventually but at such a timeframe we have already conquered all of Earth. Angry Joe will be nothing but a whisper, told from corporate employed parents to corporate educated children. You will be nothing but boogeymen.
  9. *Rises from his corporate designed chair, combing the hair back from his googles* Now, lets see what we have here. A sentient undead with somewhat limited intelligence that claims to hold access to true evil. Perfect, just perfect. Oh, it claims to be truly insane and thus somehow have ascended into a higher state of being than us mere mortals. Note to the good doctor, something to remove the false sense of superiority will be needed for this case. I don't quite recall admitting to or claiming to be evil, such a claim would be fabricated. We merely do what is needed to archive our simple and yet admirable goals. To gather a small sum of certain monetary worth. We will use these funds to accumulate additional riches so while you're sitting in the cold and barren ditch, claiming to be the personification of all that is evil and demented. We will be in our comfortable lounge, smoking our prestige and luxurious cigars. Knowing that we have earned the money through being clever enough to abuse the stupidity of our fellow man. You can play your little music pieces all you want, the corporate side remains.
  10. You know those companies that are unwilling to blow up entire cities in a matter of seconds because of concepts such as "living"? We're not those. We're more than willing to do it. The Corporate Commander isn't called that without reason. He rules every company in the world. It doesn't matter if you know, who would believe you?
  11. *Taps in some information on his portable laptop* "Let me see…. Yep, there. You have been barred from every privately and publicly owned list. You won't find employment anywhere unless… the Angry Army is going to hire you. Hahahaha!"
  12. Please, do shoot. He will be back in a manner of hours. With a few members of our "renovation" squads.
  13. Negative. I have already cloned the genetical code of key agents of the Corporate side. You can execute A1 and I as much as you desire, we will return. ' Richer than ever. With more games than before. *Sweeps some dust off his frock coat, correcting the position of his googles* "I am not a Doctor for nothing."