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    delivering bitchslaps
  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEG4FZvgHnI This is so unforgettable.
  2. Mass Effect. Would live the rest of my life on the asari planet
  3. How would this be? A section to host AJSA Tournaments in different Games?
  4. I would choose ADC and Top the most but i can play every role. Favorites: ADC: Ashe, MF, Graves Top: Trynda, Garen, Fiora (i may be the only person alive who thinks she is pretty op) Jungle: Diana Mid: Zed, Katarina Support: all of them
  5. I once went smartcast and never got back. If I want to aim, I just hold the buttons pressed.
  6. I'm not the jungling expert, but Sejuani and expecially Diana were most fun to play in the jungle.
  7. I always tried to pick a champ that completes the team best possible (Of course only a handful of champs i always choose from). Is this the wrong way? Started Silver IV and landed in Silver V. Haven't played for months cause have no money to buy new PC.
  8. Ok let's say there is someone who hasn't read any of the Marvel/DC comics. What issue/series is a must-read to convince him of one of your favorite superheroes/characters?
  9. Electric! And there needs to be much more electric dragons!
  10. So trivial question^^
  11. SNES, mostly playing mario kart, fifa 98 or beat'em ups with my cousins and after that beat up each other
  12. I don't know whether anybody got that idea but i think a specific youtube channel for the AJSA and its community videos would be cool.