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  1. I'm asking since i know that LCD monitors aren't exactly glass, and don't work so well when cleaned with water, so... can i use the cleaning products from staples? If not, what other cleaning can i use, and what should i look for in a cleaning solution?
  2. Don't worry, the GPU was under warranty, and thanks to the guy, the new and improved one is supposed to come either today or tommorrow.
  3. Actually, a nearby computer guy tested it, and determined the graphics card was shot...
  4. Ok, so i just hit the quit button in BF4 after unlocking a sweet gadget (thought i'd include this since BF4 is quite the graphic intensive game, and i think it used to quit out on me due to all the video memory being used up or something) when suddenly i smelled what i think was burning solder, suddenly, my computer turned off, making a weird noise from the speakers (Think somewhere along the lines of BB-8 from The Force Awakens) panicking, i unplugged the computer, and after some inspection, decided to plug the computer back in. The power seemed to work, since parts of the lightboard that were always lit up were able to light up after plugging in the computer, (Motherboard is an ASUS Maximus Formula VI, i believe) But when i turned on the computer, it booted for a brief second and turned itself off, making the noise i heard earlier. Upon more investigation and googling, here is what i know thus far: The burnt solder smell is strongest where the processor (i5-4670k) the circuit side of the GPU (Nvidia GTX780 ACX Cooling from EVGA) and the RAM (I forgot) are Since the lights on the rear end of the PC (the motherboard lights) were able to light up when i plugged in the cpu, i don't think the psu is to blame here Any theories as to why this happened? It's my first computer that i've built, and i don't know what to do.
  5. cpu load bounces from 50% to 66% as well... what's goin on???
  6. RAM usage is about 800 mb, and the gpu load oddly bounces from 0% to 48-53% back and forth...
  7. if it helps, my processor is an intel i5-4670k, and my graphics card is a gtx 780 with acx cooling w/ 8 gb ram and windows 10
  8. before hand, (like a few months ago before i stopped playing for a while) i was able to run GTA V at 60-50 fps, and now, without any change to the graphics settings, gta online stutters every 2 seconds, to the point of being unplayable, this is also happening in the game Viscera cleanup detail, is there anything i need to do?
  10. do you mind linking me to a tutorial on how to clean those fans?
  11. so uh... has destiny improved to be... worth playing again?
  12. nah, i'm not a man to use VSYNC or any fps limiters,
  13. wondered what people thought about windows 10's first "service pack"
  14. i'll have to try and get a clip of it to show you, but the frequency of the fan making said noise increased whenever i play fallout 4, help!
  15. well somehow the issue w/ the diagnostic data fixed itself...