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  1. Me. Please? In all seriousness, here are just five of my favorites, in no particular order: -MatthewPatrick13 -The Gaming Historian -BrentalFloss -Joshscorcher -Extra Credits
  2. His videos, namely his reviews, are protected under fair use and review clause under U.S. legislation, regardless of whether the footage "belonged to him". It is questionably suspect on using such, but the actual use for his video reviews is completely under the law of which said movie companies and YouTube itself have to obey. That said, fair use and its usage are in need of a serious update, and I hope that this new YouTube system, awful as i may be, will result in a more fair and realistic legal definition of "fair use". Besides, if he did get terminated permanently i'm still here. Actually, no one cares so i'l be on my way.
  3. My two front teeth, of course.
  4. Well... This year's VGAs were a new level... of atrocious jokes, lack of respect towards indie developers and developers in general, lack of representation of minorities with shameless promotions that were not worth suffering through the one new announcement, No Man's Sky. I'd go into more detail but I do want to try and keep this post to PG-13 with as little cussing as possible.
  5. I'll be waiting, at the very least, for Infamous: Second Son to come out before I consider picking one up. I just got a PS3 and have a ton of titles to catch up on, so I don't have a reason to get one, especially since it has no backwards compatibility with any of the PlayStation consoles' previous libraries outside of PSN.
  6. The DLC of course. Having Bea Arthur singing about her bar closing down is much more bizarre than anything in the Saints Row series.
  7. Looking forward to Persona 5? So am I! Here's my list of hopes for Persona 5! So what would you like to see in Persona 5? Leave a comment in the video or a reply below and let me know!
  8. Yes and no. I will certainly will be getting one at some point, but given its relatively lackluster lineup, I fail to see why I should pick one up. There's Super Mario 3D World, but that's about it as far as must-have titles exclusive to the Wii U. Once more exclusives roll out, i'll pick one up, but as of now, I have a massive amount of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable titles to catch up on and don't need another console collecting dust before I revisit that one game it currently has that I am interested in. Also, since I am a Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem fan... I must have this:
  9. Hey, it's not as insane as the Star Wars Christmas Special!
  10. Well according to a recent interview in Dengeki PlayStation, the ball and chain are meant to represent the theme of overcoming trials & the catharsis that comes with freeing oneself from their own personal shackles, which certainly sounds like it's going to tackle tougher issues that high school student have to go through instead of darker themes. That being said, there's quite a bit of darker sides to high schools, especially nowadays with the prevalence of the internet, such as the power of peer pressure causing you to do dangerous or detrimental actions towards your or others, slut-shaming, to say nothing of the pressure of high school itself pushing you forward into the post-secondary workforce or education. And bear in mind that this is only considering the North American secondary school structure. As far as what little research i've done has shown me, high school life in Japan is extremely stressful, and they have a fair amount of students who have committed suicide out of said stress. So... maybe we'll see what Ai was thinking of doing only it happens... Who knows?
  11. It's Fox News folks. They've ignored much more well-known facts than this in the past and will continue to do so long as enough people watch them and their ratings stay where they desire.
  12. I just updated to Google+... Biggest mistake I made with my channel since my year of absence. Reviewing comments doesn't work and when it does, it shows me comments several months old. I have to use Google+ to change my profile picture. Google+ integration in commenting on another person's channel is shameless and poorly implemented. I haven't tried out the comments to any videos myself, and frankly I don't care to after this headache. I am simply livid with anger at how backwards this step for YouTube has been that I can't think straight while i'm uploading. Bottom line, Google, stop trying to be Facebook, YouTube, stop helping Google fail at becoming Facebook (yes, I know Google owns YouTube) and just let me comment and upload as I please. YOU should be policing the comments sections, not us, not the people who are making your money through the ads on OUR videos and OUR viewers time. I have met some truly wonderful people thanks to YouTube, people I may never have met if I didn't reach out, but if your service continues to degrade itself, I will be taking mine elsewhere. Some small thoughts from a small YouTube channel.
  13. New rant: Tearaway/C2-12828-1 Anyone else ever had this error before? Or are you ERROR?
  14. Somehow, I think we'll all blame SEGA, no matter the outcome .
  15. Thus far, and that was, much like that Devil Survivor title, a remake, not a sequel, nor is it related to the Persona series. Persona 3DS has yet to be revealed in any way, shape or form beyond this confirmation of its existence, it's all a matter of time as to when it will reveal itself.