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    Gaming(especially Nintendo), Motorsport, Anime.
  1. Mixture of Samus, Greninja and the new improved Link.
  2. Luaka1296
  3. I really want to play with the AJSA some more on Smite (which granted I am new to) and TF2. Sadly exams are limiting the extent to which I can do that but I can at least say that when I can spend some time with you guys, I will.
  4. This is awesome. I look forward to some good old TF2 action with the AJSA.
  5. Remember comrades, if we do support this game (which we definitely should), we should definitely play Black Knight mode.
  6. Well, whatever the case, I'd happily vote for this again. Its one of the few games I play daily.
  7. Lets do this. I love playing this game, especially with a well organised team. I'm open to most roles but I tend to prefer engineer, soldier and demo knight (even if I'm especially good overall). Don't ever let me be a spy though.
  8. Oh hell yes. Got this during the steam holiday sale and it is AWESOME. Such a fun and unique experience and is also really good for team based gameplay. Who doesn't love watching an enemy's head arch gracefully through the air.
  9. When it comes to co-operative airship management games (a genre which granted doesn't have many options), this is easily the best. With a nice variety of ships and weaponry as well as a community that is still going strong and the strong possibility of further developments by Muse, I believe that this would make an excellent addition to the Angry Army's arsenal. After all, an army can't do much worse than float into battle guns blazing on an airship. If you're still not convinced, check out the TGS Battle Royale starring our very own commander in chief; Angry Joe. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxEy4hSyr54 Pros: Wide selection of ships and weaponry to choose from.Still being strongly supported by the developer who also like to jump into games with the community.Fun gun-play and a strong emphasis on co-operation. Class system means that there is a role for everybody.Gets even better with friends playing together via team-speak. Cons: Not the easiest game to get into if you're new (especially when steering the ship).Matches can take a while to get underway.
  10. If we're going to do a call of duty game, then we really should do Black Ops 2. Infinity Ward has a very nasty habit of making dreadful PC ports (MW2 gave people motion sickness because of the fixed FOV) as pointed out by TotalBiscuit's review of the game. Trearch do a much better job with the porting and also make the better games overall.
  11. I love the game but unfortunately I only have it on Wii U so I'm limited in that regard. If we supported all versions though I would be happy to join in (even though I'm not that good).
  12. I'd play the hell out of this game. I love it. Even though it might be worth waiting for Battlefront 3, there is no telling how long it will take to come out (there hasn't even been any gameplay yet) and at the very least this will make some fun target practise.
  13. This is a really fun fighting game with all your favourite DC characters. The fighting system is a lot of fun and, since it is available on most of the current-gen consoles, it would make a great first fighting game for the angry army. Let me know what you think in the reply section below. Pros: Fun fighting system with famous DC heroes and villains.Great online multi-player with king of the hill and standard modes.Game of the year addition introduces a PC version alongside Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U. Cons: Playing with friends is not easy (at least with the original version)Some character imbalancesMander Woman. Just Mander Woman's face.
  14. Hell yes. We need to get some good Wii U support on the Angry Army and this is a fantastic starting point. I started playing it recently and its is awesome with a great online set up. Lets do it.
  15. Great idea. I love this game thanks to its great art style and fluid gameplay.