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  1. PSN ID: ddrkreature Currently playing: final fantasy xv, the last guardian Looking forward to playing: Prey, Kingdom Hearts 3, South Park: the fractured but whole Systems: ps4 and ps3. Also PC.
  2. Have some pretty quick and crappy photoshop of AJ as a DJ, inspired by a stream he did today.
  3. I'd be interested in joining said clan. PSN: ddrkreature
  4. I love the feeling of going to a store and buying a fresh new game, taking it home, and plopping it into my system. That feeling cannot be recreated with a digital download, IMO
  5. Had the exclusives been more memorable, I'd be more happy with it. As it is, the only real exclusive I've fully enjoyed is Bloodborne. TLOU Remastered too but the game itself is also on PS3 so... There are some multiplats that I do enjoy on consoles more than pc simply because of port quality or longevity of community. I've found that people tend to stick around on a game longer on consoles than on PC, especially for CoD (not that I'm a huge fan). There are some promising games coming out so I'm not willing to give up on it quite yet. right now, I'm at about 60%
  6. Hey there all. As the title says, I'm looking at getting an xbox one soon since my new job allows me to support more than one console. I currently have a PS4 and a gaming PC. I'm kind of going back and forth at the moment since XOne doesn't have that many true exclusives other than Halo and Quantum Break (that I can think of). Everything else that may be worth playing are multiplat, or at least on PC. Are there any good exclusives on Xone that I may be missing or coming out soonish? The second thing is the hard drive size. I know you can hook up an external and use that for games so the question I have is: Is the 1TB version of the Xbox One worth the investment or am I better off getting a 1TB external on sale and a 500GB version instead?
  7. Immortals-Fall Out Boy (Half ashamed to put fall out boy on the list but I like that song)
  8. TAKE. MY. MONEY!!!!!!!! But seriously, I want this to succeed. It's been so long since I've played a really good platformer and I like what they have so far. I'll be looking for the kickstarter first thing tomorrow
  9. If you like the Souls series (Dark Souls, 1 and 2, Demon's Souls) Then yes, totally worth it. If you haven't and your looking for something challenging but oh so rewarding, I'd say yes, absolutely. If you want something laid back or not too rage inducing, then not really.
  10. 1.) That is up for debate. I thought it was easier but by the time I picked it up I had sunk 280+ hours into DS1 . 2.) Unfortunately, I don't own an xbox. I play it on PC 1.) Deprived is the hardest to work with for the fact that it's not centered on a specific style. it gives you 11 in everything but the trade off is it takes away from being able to have an advantage 2.) The Drake Sword is too hard to level and is not worth the resources when base weapons can do much more without breaking, not to mention it has no stat bonuses or elemental upgrade options 3.) While the Zweihander is a good weapon, it's slow, heavy, and generally not easy to use unless you know how to use it effectively
  11. Scholar of the First Sin is the re-release of Dark Souls 2 for all platforms with improved visuals for next gen and PC and all DLC I forgot to add something like this. Early game loosing 10K feels like a steep blow because enemies drop so few but later on, that amount is nothing because some enemies can drop thousands at a time. Plus, you get pick ups that give you more souls (I forget what they're called off the top of my head). try saving them for when you're about to use them so you don't risk wasting it. Oh and if you can remember to collect your drop (if you haven't figured out already that touching your own bloodstain retrieves your lost souls).
  12. I know I'm not the one being asked but I do think the game is very enjoyable once you get past the learning curve. Here are some things you need to know: Character leveling and equipment leveling: Have your character designed to be geared toward a specific playstyle. if you know you're going to take a lot of abuse and want to absorb it well, focus in vitality, strengths, and endurance with heavier armor. If you want to move around a lot and use ranged weapons, go for dexterity, vitality, and endurance and strengths when needed for certain equipment. Magic users, faith and intelligence. Personally, I've found being a jack of all trades leads to sadness and pain. By all means, though, AVOID putting any points into resistance. It is a near useless trait that you can easily find equipment that does the same job. For equipment leveling, honestly the best I can say is do some research. Early game and even into late game, the Claymore (which can be acquired on a corpse's body on a bridge with a red drake (don't try and kill it. it's not worth it. Just run past till you get to a bonfire)) is a good weapon once you get it leveled up and your character can use it. In the mean time, though, you can get a great early game weapon known as the Drake Sword (I think) that is easy to get. Stand under the bridge that has the drake on it, use arrows and shoot at the tail till the sword appears in your inventory. 30-35 arrows should do it but you'll want to replace it either before or immediately after Blighttown. Side notes include learn enemy attack patterns, use your environment to your advantage and memorize hazards, don't use humanities unless you feel like you need to for summons (Having more humanities in your bank helps your character with different attributes. Being hollow isn't necessarily a bad thing in DS1), and Don't attack NPCs unless they attack you first. IF I can think of more things, I'll add them
  13. How big is a "big" game. Back in the days of PS3 and 360, I was impressed to see a game take up 3 360 disks. The largest in overall filesize I think was Max Payne 3 at just over 33 GB. Now a days that doesn't seem too bad and it seems that's becoming the norm. Right now, my biggest game, with DLC, is Shadow of Mordor at 55 GB. And then you have Star Citizen. According to the dev, And then you have the updates. How big are the updates? regular size is said to be from between 2-6 GB for regular patches and "big" patches will be anywhere from 14-20 GB. Source - The Escapist Personally, I think this is one of those times where a physical means of installing would be ideal. Especially if you have a data cap
  14. The giveaway is still going on. I got it on PC a couple hours ago
  15. I really don't see the big deal. Naughty Dog has put out nothing but quality and if they need a few more months then fine. At least a delay wasn't announced a month or 2 weeks away from release....twice (like some devs do)