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Maeglin Telrunya

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  1. Thank you once again, Gomly. For killing all our hopes and dreams... Again.
  2. Here, Use Maeglin Telrunya as the character name. It might be giving you trouble because I recently changed my email, sorry.
  3. Ambushing Ranger.6189 It's about time we supported it!
  4. Indeed we have. I have no wish to engage in an argument with you, so I think we should just let it go. Also, the last statement was remark at your post on this thread: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/15501-an-interesting-post-from-a-website/
  5. Interesting question. If you asked me two days ago I'd probably have said: DLC, Discouraging the sales of used games, etc. But then I saw this video by TB. He actually makes plenty of legitimate points. So I would have to say the only thing I really dislike is: Pre-Order Bonuses, and Pathetic DLC( cough* Map Packs, and A new Weapon *cough*)
  6. I'm not looking down on him. Gomly and I get along real well. I'm just trying to be funny. Apparently it didn't work. Of all people, I'd think you could understand humor when you see it.
  7. First off, Was it really necessary to make three copies of the exact same thread?
  8. Thank you again, Gomly. For destroying all of our hopes and dreams.
  9. Oh Lord... Nice Job, Shepard.
  10. Very Possible. It would give rockstar a whole other round of sales for it, with very little work compared to the original. Thanks no backwards compatibility.
  11. Are they? I thought that was the X1. Or were both Sony and Microsoft stupid enough to do that?
  12. Oh, no, no of course not!! *throws plans out of window*
  13. Sorry, I've only got one and It's in my front yard surrounded by daisies and tulips, with a head on it.
  14. I'm playing World Domination... Oh. No? That's not a game?
  15. *Sits in corner and plans to put Drachen's head on the pike as well*