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  1. Im leaving AJSA. Probably permanently. I grew tired of this community, and few people who are in charge. I grew tired of ignoring users complaints and suggestions, i grew tired of editing and closing threads that matter to people by mods here. This is not a "community" its a fanboy club. Its either "be happy or be gone" type of forum here, so im gone. i probably still will watch AJS, but be sure, that i wont recomend this site to anyone anymore. There is no healthy relation between users and mods here, if you want discuss something they dont like they will either ignore you, or will try to threaten you with bans or warns. Evey big decission here is taken behind your backs, and you dont have any influence on this site, like changing the forum threadboards, locking the news forum for users (which is now dead because of that), or changing the main forum rules behind closed doors. OH, of course beside the fact that you may pay some money. AJSA evolved to something some of us tried to "fight" few months ago. If you will try to discuss something, you will read same answers over and over again, to the point you will not want to do it anymore. As i said, there is no place for your thoughts here. Be happy, or get out. So im out.
  2. As in the topic name, which one you liked most? I'd choose... Empire. Simply because it was such big "jump" for the series. But i'd put it right next to Medieval II + expansions, since i love medieval era. BUT i realised, that after playing Empire, Napoleon, and Shogun II i simply cant have any more good fun with Medieval II because of its mechanics (mainly the centralised regions, with nothing to do except attacking the one and only city/ castle in it. Empire was imo very good game, especially after the patches were developed. Of course, as always AI has its... erm... problems, but few small mods, or one good mod and its ok (DarthMod for example). Also the model of fighting was imo very good, with covers, trenches, blocades and hiding in buildings. And the XVIII is something we dont see very often in games. And its first Total War Game where Poland is playable as one of the main countries, and is quite powerfull ^^. For those who will say that Poland was weak in XVIII century: Yes, but after 1750. Game starts in 1700 and its only 20 years after the battle of Wien . *I considered Fall of the samurai a separate game, since its standalone, and is massively different from SII
  3. Yea, big variety, with quality getting worse vid by vid, and thats sad.
  4. Lately when i watched few videos on Angry Joe YT channel i started to ask myself, where is it going in the near future? Personally, im not really happy with what is happening to the Show, and ill exmplain why. Perhaps some of you will agree with me and some wont, bt thats why its a forum, to share opinions. First of all, AJS was a pretty damn good review channel. I mean, a realy honest one, and thats pretty rare. Reviews were coming quite regulary etc. Now, in something like 3 months we've had like... 2 big reviews? Well, i may be overreacting a bit, because its mainly what i watch AJ for, but thatll be up next. Next. Too much of everything. I love when people like Joe have a burst of enthusiasm but one person/team cant do everything. You guys (To AJ and Team) must make your mind and set some focus. Because you either are a really proffesional YT channel with reviews and interviews (MORE OF THEM) or you are going to be a 5 minute sensation like some YT clowns like PewdiePie (god i hate that guy). Yes, thats right. Clowns. Im sorry, but i dont really know Joe, and cant tell when its Angry Joe (a created character) and when its Joe Vargas(a real person) and where the personalities meets, but no matter how much i want to watch some "lets play" with joe i cant stand more than 5 minutes. Because its just boring (but thats not really often. Like this one from that cartoony MMO in scifi setting) or joe is screaming and overreacting so much that im starting to get annoyed or embarassed beause of it. Guys, screaming, and making a monkey in a zoo out of yourself is not funny. At least not for people older than 15 years. Interviews. MORE INTERVIEWS. I know Joe may be a bit "scared" since that "diss" on VGA (was in some video, when Joe admitted he went completely unprepared etc.) and need to work to get better in this type of working with people. Guy, i know its good to break some ice in conversation and make some laugh, but please dont interrupt when your guest is talking and dont make it a stream of your ideas (like it was on that interview with Infinite Crisis developer. Go and watch it, and you will se, that at one point he wasnt really happy ) Also try to talk to a little bit more famous people. I know its also a money problem, but it should be worth it. eXpecially if you will ask them some good, really "sharp edged" questions. And it couldnt be only interviews with game devs. For example, id like to see an Interviews with AJS team or with SGT Ross (seems a pretty interesting person). Streams. Personally, i dont like streams. I dont like watching as someone plays a game in a real time. Because i could play the same game at this time. Or not play a game at all. But looking as someones play? Well... its a bit like looking as someone watches TV. Not so entertaining, at least for me. Once again, i realise that current trend is "More vids=more money". But remember, quality over quantity . I hope someone form "up" will read this and think about it. So, quo vadis AJ? Where will it take us? What do you guys think about it?
  5. Assasins Creed 1 for me. Simply because it was something new and fresh in its time, and wasnt all that boring. And i think that crusades time is really underrated in non-strategic games.
  6. I think they should safe the original background idea (Assasins, templars, enfless fight etc. etc.) and completely change the formula (get rid of parcouring, etc etc). Im sure for example trenches of WWI would be a nice place to hold some story (btw... did you EVER encountered ANY WWI game? Not including the one indie game where raptors were lurking in trenches o.O) @Up Its because biggest history streams (French School and British School) are still looking at history through historicism paradigma, which is now something like a 100 years old. its basically from another century. Political history, dates, decretes etc. Many Universities in europe started to look at history in a different way, trough the reality of living in times we want to know. Its so called "Antropological History", of course not in biological meaning of antropology
  7. o.0 Ok, friend bought me Arma2+OA, and im playing DayZ. Any of you playing and wanna team up?
  8. Hi, it me again Id like to ask you guys a question. IS DayZ early acces worth buying now? I wanted to play this for a long time, and currently this Alpha is cheaper than ARMA2+expansions (which i wouldnt play anyway). I've already read theproducers "dont buy this" statement on steam. But the game is being improved (at least thats why my friend told me). Is it worth 20e now? Does the bugs, which make game unplayable occurs often? What are the biggest problem of current version?
  9. @up Dont like it either, but generally they dont act like homosexuals in such matter...
  10. Personally, dont care. But i wouldnt play a game that forces me to play as a homosexual. I dont care what people do in their own bedrooms or with who they do it, but i hate when people are shoving it into my/others face. Its like "its normal, perfectly normal... LOOKA AT IT LOOOK AT IT IM NORMAL" Im not saying these people are not normal, such people were in society since.... the foundations of societies? But i dont tolerate when people are agressively trying to get attention...
  11. @up Then you are the problem there, because its not a lone-wolf type game. also, if for example you were ignoring vital informations like enemy positioning, probably some guys were right to blame you for loosing (i dont say that they were right every time). But after what you wrote i can say, that CS is simply not a game for you ^^
  12. @Up Strange. Were you playing ranked matches or only the unranked ones? Cause in rankeds CS have in my opinion one of most teamplaying, able to help each other and actually plan communities out there.
  13. LoL community. not the enemies, because i was always muting them at start, but the allies (if not playing with friends) with attitude like "mid or feed" or "gonna troll mueheheheh"....
  14. i played World in Conflict. Great campaign, but i didnt reay like multi that much, maybe its because its a bit too fast for me and feels like first who gets heavy tanks+heli's wins. Also infantry is just irrelevant. @Judge Lazar Wait, so despite the fact that i can buy the game for 10e it still is full of gimmicks and pay2win? Thats a bullshit, wont buy it... Also, im considering a Rising Storm for Red Orchestra 2 since i got lite, and got a bit back into the game. Its fun, not really like other fps's more thinking actually, less fighting.