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  1. In the past few month since i made the AJLA clan. there have been no new members willing to attend. with that in mind i regret to inform that i will be disbanding the clan do to the lack of active members. if you have any question in regards i will be more then happy to answer them. thank you
  2. Hello every one. clan leader from Blade and Soul with a bit of an update in regards to details about the game and the ANGRY ARMY CLAN. The clan is still very new and there are at this time just a few members, so I'm looking for more support as far new members is concern and I'm willing to promote the first 10 new members to 2nd in command (veteran) so that we can stench our voices throughout the game to recruit even more members. Note: CLAN LEADER NAME: "shadow Tail" SERVER: MASTER HONG FACTION: 'cerulean order" (You or only able to join the clan if you in that faction) You can find me often in the AJSA team speak along with anther clan member (JEB) for more information or email me at shadowboy21986@yahoo.com for question. Second is in game support as far as loot and other assistance. because of weapon upgrading system and other inventory needs crafting is a very important and necessary part of the game, unfortunately not only is it very time consuming but a single character and only have 2 main crafting skill and 2 sub skills that support the other. which is why with our new members (namely my 2nd in command) i would ask to acquire some of these crafting skill to help make upgrades and stuff easier. The fallowing are the crafting guilds and who has already contracted with them Fish Network - N/A Soul Shield Artism - Shadow Tail (myself) Earth Keeper Rep - N/A Stone Cutter Rep- N/A Prospectors Union - N/A Acquired Taste Rep - N/A Green Thumb - Shadow Tail (MySelf) Herbside Service- Shadow Tail (Myself) Silver Cauldron - N/A Tree Faller - Shadow Tail (myself) merry potters - Shadow Tail (Myself)If you not familiar with the game and you want to know how it is you can see game play footage on my twitch channel www.twitch.tv/shadow21986 I look forward to meeting any new members and do my best to support them in any way I can.
  3. Ok here are the fact's. I'm Leading the clan in the MASTER HONG server. the faction most of us are on is CERULEAN EMPIRE. Just note that you have to be log on (while i am) to get an invite to the clan itself. Im unable to give invite's to the clan while your not online witch mean i will be promoting a few other players to have the ability to do invites wile i'm not around. please contact me directly for any further question on the matter cause this clan is still very new so there is not a lot going on with it.
  4. as a side note most of the members are Cerulean empire. not sure just yet it that will mean anything. but I'll be sure to look more into it if it effect the clan in any way
  5. well here is the deal i finally made and angry army clan in Blade and soul. its under the the "Master Hong" server and if your looking for me the name is "Shadow Tail"
  6. Hey. Just putting this out there cause I know were looking but I wanted to start and AA clan here. Looking to take the lead on such a roll along with musical and jebb since we all play togeather.
  7. i would like to join the AJSA steam as well but it look like the link is dated. but this is my page. http://www.twitch.tv/shadow21986
  8. soon

    From the album Goofing Around

  9. Would you Kindly

    From the album Goofing Around

    .............. SOILERS!