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  1. Dane2hip48 liked a post in a topic by Jitterdoomer in *cough Just Cause 3 *cough   
    You should jump on a Michael Bay hype train.
  2. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Resifan in AngryJoe Plays ARK: Survival Evolved   
    Man was this video annoying, can't Joe stop screaming like a moron for once.
  3. OutpostUnderAttack liked a post in a topic by Jitterdoomer in Who is going to E3?   
    I already had a paycheck of $750 from my part time job and I'm going to purchase E3 tickets tonight. Who is going to E3? I lived in Los Angeles.
  4. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by WITHASTICK in Steam changes their... refund policy?   
  5. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Stop making Call of Duty Games!!!!   
    Well maps back then were a LOT less detailed. if I'm not wrong Daggerfall used an engine where map like wilderness and some towns or town interiors were generated which added to the vast size. Side quests were probably very repetitive and so on. Back then that was a great accomplishemnt but today I guess people look for more features in a map than just the size.
    I guess games could do that today but graphics are really advanced, physics and stories and so making such a huge map would take years and years alone and games would be in developent for much, much longer. I wonder if PCs would be even able to handle such games today. If I'm not wrong games today with open world have special technology which render only what you see but  I don't think its mastered yet. Now imagine a similar map size to Daggerfall with Witcher 3 graphics for example.  Also if you tried to go in detail (add interesting points of interest, NPS and sidequests), add all that world detail and clutter...it would take years and years just to finish the map alone and then I wonder how they would be able to let PC handle such a vast size.
    I think it's a lot more complicated on today's engines but I guess it's a matter of time before someone does it. Point is today it's a lot more focused on making a decent size map but with lots of features in it which I prefer personally, than a huge map which offers plenty to exploe but is basically just a skeleton.
  6. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Lhouraii in Stop making Call of Duty Games!!!!   
    This is actually a pet peeve of mine, when people say "stop making this!" It's just incredibly selfish and egotistical. 
    I don't like COD, I've never played it, but there are a vast amount of others that do. Like, why do you think that your opinion on a game should affect the future production of that game? I'm pretty sure the creator didn't have you, personally, in mind when making the game.
    Think of your favourite game, now think of someone saying this about that game because they don't like it.
    Everyone is different, we all like and dislike different things - you would take away something that millions of people love, just because you don't want to play it? There's a simple solution, just don't play the game.
  7. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by savagejoe444 in Stop making Call of Duty Games!!!!   
    Remember bro, this is the younger generation of gamers. CoD is more mainstream so that's going to be one of the first games they think about. Its a simple game series to get into and isn't to overly complicated for them.
    It is going to take a while before they try out more games like Bioshock, Dishonored, Witcher, F.E.A.R., etc.
    Here's my advice: Let them keep playing CoD for a while until they get burnt out begin asking if you have any other games they can try out. Eventually, you'll be hearing them talk less about CoD.
  8. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Dane2hip48 in Stop making Call of Duty Games!!!!   
    The reason I don't like cod is because that's all my friends in school ever play. they don't expand their horizons in terms of gaming at all. Its always "I cant wait for the new COD to come out!" they say every year. drives me crazy because I have no one to talk gaming with in terms of story or what I'm looking forward to at E3 or about how I would like diversification in game characters, in terms of gender,race, sexual orientation or background. Whenever I do bring up any of these topics they start talking about COD, laugh because I want female protagonist or because I used the word sexual in a sentence. This is why I go on forums.
    Now don't get me wrong, I don't blame COD for all my problems. It just gets aggravating because its like someone talking about the same book or film OVER AND OVER AGAIN! It drives me mad.
  9. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Malphisto in Stop making Call of Duty Games!!!!   
    Hmm... Well sure, I'm having trouble sleeping anyway. Might as well throw my hat in as well.
    Like others in here have repeated numerous times, a petition isn't going to prove effective enough to incite any real change. You need to first approach this from a more logical mindset and dissect the analysis. Activision is one of the many major players on the world stage, and this doesn't necessarily apply to the gaming industry alone as they do have their fiscal hand in other pots as well on the global market. Even a million signatures and organized protesting outside corporate headquarters would see no actual change or significant results.
    First off, lets take a look at Call of Duty. It is a long, well established FPS series and I actually own two of the very first ones released. There is nothing inherently "wrong" with the game, its not some evil machination designed to steal your soul and plunge the world into chaos. And simply put, it does serve its intended purpose of providing hours of enjoyment to those who play. So how exactly is the series harmful?
    In general, CoD caters to very base aspects of our nature. The gameplay itself is geared towards putting everyone on an equal playing field regardless of personal skill. The term "CoD Kid" refers to children, very young, mostly boys who have parents that actually are willing to purchase this for them every year as either a birthday or christmas present or some other holiday. This works in tandem with their launch schedule to have a new game released every year, as they know they have a large population of kids who have parents with the resources to buy said new game each and every year. That being said, the game mechanics and style is dumbed down to a point where nothing is too complex so that a young mind can easily adapt and comprehend what is happening and how everything works.
    This in turn impacts the CoD Community that consists of the older players and skilled gunners out there, as their experience will practically always be dictated by this unless for some reason a large number just outright quits. Not likely to happen, though. At any rate, this is why there isn't really all that much innovation. It is essentially like any other cookie cutter FPS franchise out there but one that happens to both look pretty, is for the console and has a well established name backing it. (9 out of 10 Gamers all know about "Call of Duty" and will, at one point or another, look into it)
    Now, the other reason why petitions won't work is that mostly, the ones who make them are generally with the older community. Its rare, and I would even say never happens, to see a kid in the community speaking out against the series. This is because the older gamers are those most likely who will recognize the issues with the game and demand more bang for their buck, which is ultimately nothing more than a dream, an illusion. The younger crowd are the ones who determine what is or isn't going to happen with the series. Additions like the EXO suits in Advance Warfare are comparable to a bone that the company tosses out there to appease people who are starting to feel a tad burnt out.
    When in truth, the real issue that they are having is the slow realization that each year they spend money on a game that is basically the same as the previous one they already own, that will eventually die out as the community leaves those servers to migrate to the new ones in an endless cycle. What you crave is a new experience, an actual challenge and something that makes you feel as though your time and, subsequently, your actual life itself is not being wasted for no reason. Because how can you possibly ever feel invested in a game when you know it is doomed to be replaced in a year? It is entirely natural to feel ways about Call of Duty and Activision because of this.
    So perhaps you decide to play another FPS instead? That is when you begin to reach the grim realization of what is happening in the industry, and the long term impact of Call of Duty.
    CoD has achieved a level of reputation and financial success, with a community that continues to grow and expand just as feverishly as when the Pokemon Trading Card Game first launched. People want CoD. In most instances, as I have personally seen for myself and have had others tell me themselves, those who have been playing CoD and then try switching to another FPS franchise will begin wishing that it played more like CoD. This will either be the result of them getting utterly destroyed in the new game or having some other personal dislike because the entire time, all they can do is just compare every other title to how CoD is. This leads to those other games losing players because they choose to stick with CoD. So to counter this? Other companies adopt aspects from CoD and implement them into their own games. Its a mentality that they have cultivated, and it is that influence which has dealt the most damage to the industry.
    Then there is of course the whole notion of the psychological aspects of the series, and how CoD makes people feel good about themselves. But I won't personally get into that. Simply put, CoD is akin to a kind of drug for the masses and some very intelligent big wigs behind the scenes figured all of this out and decided to capitalize on it. Bravo.
    Now that this has all been laid out, what can actually be done to put a stop to it? In truth, if you REALLY want to stop this? You don't just ignore it. I don't agree with what others have said about simply not buying it and do your own thing. YOU, as in those who share the same opinion as you is a very small, comparatively insignificant numerical value. If you choose to buy or not buy won't do a damn thing about this. If you want to really bring about change? You need to be that change.
    YOU have one of two choices.
    1) Go to school to get a degree and the knowledge required to design your own FPS games, ones that run contrary to CoD with new ideas and concepts. Other companies are too afraid to go against the mold. Only Indie Developers can save the gaming industry at this point. Those not bound by the authority figures in place that maintain the status quo. Halo is one such example of this, but it is chained to a single platform. Destiny likewise "had" the potential opportunity to accomplish this, but obvious issues during its production prevented that from happening. The Battlefield franchise could manage to pull this off as well. But you need MORE than just one or two companies out there trying to compete against this giant.
    2) Support those out there who are trying to innovate and create something fresh and new. Help them advertise and do marketing for them, as word of mouth is the most powerful form of drumming up attention for anything. Offer these other developers ideas for an experience which differs from that of CoD. Creativity is a defining aspect of our species, and the only limitations are your own imagination. Sometimes, a single thought can bring forth monumental change.
    I hope this was somewhat helpful. I'm sorry your petition idea hasn't worked out, but perhaps what you have read here and from others will serve to point you in a much more productive direction.
  10. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Ysnar in Stop making Call of Duty Games!!!!   
    Thankfully, I have stopped buying from publishers like EA, Ubisoft and Activision, instead I buy my games when they're on sales (like the steam summer sale, GoG et al) and purchasing dirt-cheap second hand games for my consoles, so I've been enjoying a lot of games for the fraction of your inflated prices.  But don't worry, I'm sure there are a number of fanbois and ignorant people who will lap up your drivel and kids who will gladly empty their parents' bank accounts for you.
    And yes, as nickyzhere suggested, its would be best to get back on topic.  And I have a question, where is the line between making a series of successful sequels and a cash-in franchise?  Battlefield Hardline and Assassins Creed have just started to feel the COD-style backlash, but what about unity and battlefield 4?  Is there such a thing as a long standing franchise that shows evolution of the franchise?
    Another example.  Skyrim.  Over the course of the Elder Scrolls series, especially since morrowind, map sizes have shrunk, number of quests have dwindled down... but more modding support and I hear almost no criticisms of the game, let alone criticisms as scathing as COD... why is that?
    Edit: I know graphics are an issue... but for example:

    Here, a guy compares the combined map sizes for Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim to Daggerfall, which "twice the size of Great Britain, filled with 15,000 towns and a population of 750,000":

    Disclaimer: I love Skyrim and I love the Elder Scrolls series, they're all great games... I'm not bashing them because I don't like them, I'm criticising the direction of the franchise and asking why each game does not improve over its predecessor.
  11. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in Guns of Icarus Tourney! [Vs. Markiplier & GameGrumps]   
  12. Dane2hip48 liked a post in a topic by Jitterdoomer in Stop making Call of Duty Games!!!!   
    ^ Same thing as #1, most of the kids in my High School are a bunch of Call of Duty fans, everytime I walked up to them, he said "Let's do some 360 no scope around the hallway and dolphin dive your way to the end of the hallway!" Yeah something like that which is annoying and crazy.
    CoD = Children's Only Daycare. On and BTW, have u seen this video about CoD Ghosts and Super Mario 64 to the mix?

  13. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Stop making Call of Duty Games!!!!   
    The best thing to do is to not buy them. If enough people don't buy them, they won't make enough money and won't make more. Petitions like this won't do crap.
    You might as well be saying "Close all McDonald's because they're the source of obesity."
  14. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Corporate Agent in Has anyone else seen this blog? (Horror/Hilariousness)   
    You are not the one to judge for everybody how they might read something. For many people, this blog reads as satire. You also make claims against chillock on why he created the blog which are....ludicrous to say the least (him making the blog solely because he is angry about Joe hating a game he loves and vice versa). Chillock had the guts to get here, giving answers to people who might have questions, explaining that he does not hate AJ and change the name of the blog into satire for everybody to see. I looked at the comments of his blog and nobody seemed to notice the change. You know why? Because everybody already knows it was purely satire.
    As long as the author of the blog does not claim it to be his honest opinion without jokes in it, it is satire/parody of a hate-blog until he says otherwise.
    Here is the definition of satire, which actually fits the blog.
    "The use of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues"
  15. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in Has anyone else seen this blog? (Horror/Hilariousness)   
    Can I just ask something? Who cares? If we always cared about what some idiot hiding behind a keyboard thought of someone then the world would really be a sad place. If someone doesn't like Joe then I believe that they are missing out on a cool community and honest reviews. It's not like it personally effects me, or freaking Joe for that matter, if someone doesn't like someone/something that I so happen to like. Anytime I see something negative like this then I just try and ignore it because it honestly shouldn't effect me. Joe doesn't need us (and many consider anyone in this community to be a "fanboy") to come running to his defense. He isn't some helpless child that's getting bullied on the playground, he's a big boy. Treat him like it.
  16. Alexander452 liked a post in a topic by Jitterdoomer in Did You Think Five Nights at Freddy's Was Done?   
    This game had a long development time unlike those three games.
  17. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in We hate Modern Gaming in general.   
    I suppose in order of those problems I would say
    So what and in the past we had to manage memory card space or write down and save passwords (that is if you had a game that would even allow you to manage your memory card space on the N64)
    No one who knows anything about older consoles would say that they were all durable and reliable (US NES causing more wear on cartridges, cartridge games needing to be cleaned to work, PS2 disk read errors from parts that would easily break, some versions of the PS2 not being able to play certain games, PS2 problems playing DVDs, Sega CD, CD-i, Virtual Boy, Jaguar, terrible controllers or ones that will easily stop working for the Genesis, Jaguar, CD-i, and N64)
    Multiple versions of the same console? Like the different US and Japanese version of the NES, three different versions of the Genesis with different versions of the add on Sega CD and 32X, multiple RAAM upgrades for the Saturn needed to play certain games, expansion pack for the N64 needed to play certain games, different versions of the GBA, DS (needed to play certain games), PS1, PS2, and PSP. The only current device I can even think of that has different specs that prevent it from playing certain games is the 3DS, but the same can be said for the DS.
    The Kinect is no longer required and trying to pretend there are more useless accessories in modern gaming just for the Kinect obviously don't remember any of the accessories for older consoles.
    Yes, the good old days of taking my NES online without needing an account. An account was required for the Xbox and PS2 and if you lived in an area that had online connections for the older system you usually had to pay for that service as well.
    Updates adding features to my console sounds like a good thing.
    As an adult with friends all over the world, a lot more people should be able to take advantage of that than those who want couch co-op. Even as a kid that would have made things easier.
    Horrible arguments, as always, from someone wearing rose colored sunglasses and going out of their way to ignore the positives of modern gaming.
  18. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by savagejoe444 in Black Ops 3 Beta?   
    So now there is a rumor of an upcoming Multiplayer Beta for Black Ops 3 when you pre-order.
    I find this surprising, especially since the last 'Beta' for a CoD game was for World at War in 2008.
    If it is real, I might consider pre-ordering, especially since I really enjoy Treyarch's CoD games over the 'New' Infinity Ward CoDs.
  19. Glaice liked a post in a topic by Jitterdoomer in We hate Modern Gaming in general.   
    This picture is coming from a friend in Twitter named AllieRX in which this picture was made to describe how video gaming looked like today.
  20. Glaice liked a post in a topic by Jitterdoomer in We hate Modern Gaming in general.   
    This picture is coming from a friend in Twitter named AllieRX in which this picture was made to describe how video gaming looked like today.
  21. Glaice liked a post in a topic by Jitterdoomer in We hate Modern Gaming in general.   
    This picture is coming from a friend in Twitter named AllieRX in which this picture was made to describe how video gaming looked like today.
  22. Robz Gamez liked a post in a topic by Jitterdoomer in Streamer got his GTA V product key stolen by a viewer   
    Remember what happened to this guy? He tried to enter the product key for GTA V and suddenly the product key was used which appears that his product key was stolen due to the fact that Steam popped up a product key for the GTA V PC game which he forgot to disable the Steam Overlay after decrypting the game, which is the most fucked up shit ever in the history of streaming video games on Twitch. You should be careful guys, don't ever put a livestream of you doing the installation process!
  23. Glaice liked a post in a topic by Jitterdoomer in We hate Modern Gaming in general.   
    This picture is coming from a friend in Twitter named AllieRX in which this picture was made to describe how video gaming looked like today.
  24. Glaice liked a post in a topic by Jitterdoomer in We hate Modern Gaming in general.   
    This picture is coming from a friend in Twitter named AllieRX in which this picture was made to describe how video gaming looked like today.
  25. Glaice liked a post in a topic by Jitterdoomer in We hate Modern Gaming in general.   
    This picture is coming from a friend in Twitter named AllieRX in which this picture was made to describe how video gaming looked like today.