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  1. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Emphase in Digimon 15th anniversary   
    Hey, hey!
    Me again!
    So it appears that Digimon will be getting some sort of a reboot or something along the lines. Not sure if it's already been covered here. At any rate, appears that it will have a new art style and presumably it will be mostly about Tai's High School days, not that I really care.
    Either way, it's essentially my childhood coming back and I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully they'll have done something about that love triangle of Tai-Matt-Sora and also Karin and T.K.
    Yes, I fucking loved Digimon as a kid. No, screw Pokemon, that shit is for pansies!
    Oh, here's the official website:
  2. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by JamesMarshall1992 in Good News Every One   
    Good News Every One  i will be Buying a PS4 soon  if you guys are intersted in being my frend on PSN find me Jamesusa1992
    and eventualy ether in January or Febuary i will be geting a XBOX ONE I Hope it all depends on i will to get it
  3. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Jitterdoomer in Your Wishes for 2015   
    Same thing for gaming websites with biased opinions like IGN and Gamespot, they are just being dicks and gave an overhyped and recycled games like CODAW a 9.1/10 for graphics and Kevin Spacey shit. I hope next year that IGN or Gamespot will fire some reviewers and journalist and hire better ones to listen to what the gamers are saying.
  4. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by ComradeMacGyver in Your Wishes for 2015   
    Absolutly, it's been a while since I bought a game that didn't have them and the amount of games now being pumped out free to play is overwhelming. Some of them actually do a good job while others you get the feeling are only set up to make a quick buck 
    I want a game out next year, a single player game that will keep me going for a long time! I'm not into rpg much but I'm thinking of getting witcher two and see what it's all about
  5. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Deadeye_DK in Your Wishes for 2015   
    Less microtransaction bullshit.
  6. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Zouledge in Your Wishes for 2015   
    better games and less bs hype would make 2015 a much better year 
  7. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Bhamkey in What games are you currently playing, and are enjoying them?   
    Hey everyone,
    I thought I will start a topic where we can share the games we are playing at this moment, and share your thoughts on those games.
    I am currently playing Battlefield 3. I am very new to BF3, started just couple days ago, but I am really enjoying it. I've been having some good games and a couple of bad once, but overall, the game is great and I am a bit addicted to it at the moment.
    Yesterday I have completed Batman Arkham Asylum, I am late for that game too, even though I had owned the game for a quite some time, I had other games which occupied my time.  The game was fun, I most certainly enjoyed the boss fights. The game is not too difficult, but I was stuck on some stages of the game. I will most likely start Batman Arkham City in couple of days.
    I tend to play variety of different games, from older once to the new once.
    I play my games on my Playstation 3, but I am looking to play FPS (BF4 and Ghosts on my Laptop, if it will be able to handle them), but I will continue to play all my video games on my PS3, and in the near future on PS4.
    Sorry for missing out on a word in the topic title, I meant to write 'What games are you currently playing, and why are you enjoying them?', cannot edit the topic though.
  8. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Twenty9Twelve in Your Wishes for 2015   
    I hope that we get a whole load of great games shown off for the future of next-gen consoles, hopefully with a new Fallout, Red Dead and the new Mass Effect.
    I hope that the games I'm looking forward to next year (like Arkham Knight, AC: Viictory, The Division, Uncharted 4, Witcher 3, Battlefront etc.) do better than the games I was looking forward to this year.
    I hope that generally gamers get more positive about gaming, and petty feuds like console wars and publisher hate can go away in favor of spending time and energy on loving gaming again.
  9. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Mightylink in Is Angry Joe does nothing but playing video games all day?   
    I like his streams because he tells the truth, like his The Crew stream he was all interested in all the customization and all the interior options and I was too, but then BAM all the paywalls hit him in the face and suddenly hes so disinterested in the game, I needed to see that, I'm glad some people speak their mind instead of just pretending to say the game is perfect.
    AngryJoe is like the only reviewer I trust now because I feel like every other reviewer is getting paid or bribed to just say nothing but positive things about a game, AngryJoe is the only guy who talks about both the good and bad aspects of a game and completely flips out like I would when so much crap is thrown in your face. I can't wait to see his full The Crew review, I'm hoping theres still a good game under all those microtransactions.
  10. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by Jitterdoomer in Anyone knows when greedy Rockstar going to update heist missions for multiplayer?   
    Probably when the PC version was released and Rockstar will put up the heist in the update. Oh boy, Rockstar will be like Valve for Half-Life 3.
  11. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Kyle Katarn in Submission for Gaming Controversies for 2014   
    Tekken 7's new Lucky Chloe character will be removed from the NA version because NeoGAF users whined about it. NeoGAF has really became a toxic place which can influence the gaming industry in a bad way.
  12. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Redjevel in AngryJoe Plays Game of Thrones!   
    So today i come on past broadcasts of angry joe on twitch
    and i see "AngryJoe Plays Game of Thrones" and its only 3 minutes where is the longer part? was it deleted? why? or he didnt stream it?
  13. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by fridgeracer in The Crew might suck   
    yet another internet hating negative piece of information, further spreading depression, misery, and doubt about a game that isn't even out yet.
    so tired of this. if this keeps up im just going to disconnect from my ISP and leave the internet. i'll just play disc based console games. might as well buy a wii U.
  14. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Master Chief Snake in Who is the most corrupt publishers in the entire gaming industry?   
    One I hate on other video game industry (which is not on the list especially Other) is SEGA. Remember when SEGA has flagged on YouTube video due to copyright claims such as Shining Force III videos including TotalBiscuit? Also, SEGA is like EA and SEGA is a partnership with EA. This is my Top 5 Video Game Industries that ruined great games. So here it is.
    5. Activision Blizzard
    4. Ubisoft
    3. Capcom
    2. EA
    1. SEGA
  15. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Twenty9Twelve in Who is DSPGaming?   
    Speaking as a former Moderator on his forums, I think I'm in a pretty good position to answer this question.
    He's an asshole.
    What he does as a Youtuber is hit or miss, essentially playing pretty much all the major releases, going through the majority of side content, replaying some older games, all with his own "commentary" over the top of it. That stuff can be okay, every now and then he can be mildly entertaining, but the majority of the time he spews bad jokes, calls games out for being bad because he doesn't think while he's playing, and abuses other gamers like it's going out of style. He also makes Vlogs such as his "Ask the King" series, but because all of his videos are live streamed and then directly uploaded to Youtube, he doesn't bother to edit it down from the 2 hours he spends rambling on down to a size of video that's actually watchable.
    As a person, he's got to be one of the most stubborn, egotistical, hypocritical bullies I've ever had the misfortune to talk to. There is a thread in his forums for fans to make complaints about things he's doing, because too many people were making threads about individual things he's done. He bans fans of his for making legitimate criticism, and then says "they're just haters and trolls, if people have legitimate criticism I'll listen to it". You know people suggested he direct stream his footage instead of using a fucking camera infront of his TV for about 2 years, and he basically said "direct stream is shit, fuck you, I know better", now he can't get enough of it.
    And here's a personal story for you, the reason why I left his forums. This guy made a thread saying that he'd played Phil in a Street Fighter IV match which got shown on stream and uploaded to Youtube, he won the match and wanted to see what Phil said about him, which as it turned out was along the lines of "Fuck you, you cheated, you're an asshole". He went to Phil's twitter and sent him a tweet wanting an apology, so Phil blocked him on Twitter. When other members saw the thread (including long serving staff like myself) we all agreed that Phil should make an apology. Instead, he deleted the thread and banned the guy from his forums, leaving a note in the staff section that the thread was just a hate thread and staff should delete such threads on sight. When staff replied basically saying "so we're not even going to have a discussion about this?" he locked his thread and left another note saying it was his forums and if anyone had a problem they should just leave. So I did.
    I'm not going to suggest people go over to his channel and give him shit, I'm not going to suggest people look at his content at all. Hell, he feeds off people giving him shit, he sits there and brags about it like "oh 20 people left me hateful comments on Youtube, well thanks a lot dickhead, you just put more money in my pocket". He's an asshole with a fanbase that he is literally killing off by himself, continue to ignore him and soon enough he'll be gone.
  16. MrMadakey liked a post in a topic by Jitterdoomer in Valve tightens early access rules for developers   
    It's about time, people.
  17. MrMadakey liked a post in a topic by Jitterdoomer in Valve tightens early access rules for developers   
    It's about time, people.
  18. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by Jitterdoomer in Who is the most corrupt publishers in the entire gaming industry?   
    Decide your fate on who is the most greediest and corrupt publishers in the entire gaming industry. I'd put this up because Ubisoft joined the Axis Power of gaming industry.
  19. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by IronicRobot in Is this year worse or last year in terms of gaming controversies?   
    Yeah, this year was probably worse. GamerGate was/is huge. I've not heard much about the Game Jam thing, but I heard it was awful.
    People are just fucking horrible and stupid. Not even close to enough people in the world use their common sense. The ones we normally hear about, anyway.
    Wish it could fix itself, but not sure what much we can do except condemn this bullshit. Idk.
  20. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Who is DSPGaming?   
    Well I can't speak for everyone but IMO he is a terrible gamer. I first found him while watching some Dark Souls vids and the only thing he did was complain and complain with every death though each was his fault. He kept playing it like you would play Skyrim. I looked at a few vids and the only thing I got from him was that he complains a lot when he looses (maybe that has changed since it has been a few years since I watched any of his vids).
    That's just my opinion though.
  21. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Raizurhk in Who is DSPGaming?   
    Ah Darksydephil AKA captain knobjockey.
    I used to watch his vids years ago but soon stopped when his true colors came to light.
    He is a self proclaimed professional Street Fighter 2 player.  He calls himself this as he won a couple of very lo level tournaments (basically no actual pro's took part in it) and he beat Justin Wong ONCE and he only managed that as he did a blatant counter pick and pretty much cheated his way to victory.  Every professional in the FGC hates the crap out of him and rightly so.
    His vids used to consist of him playing SF4 online and then basically calling ppl scrubs and blaming lag EVERY DAMN TIME HE LOST.  There was even one particular vid where he is calling an M.Bison player a scrub and sayin he was soooo bad at the game...................He then proceeds to get double perfected by the bison player and disables comments on that vid.  So yeah he does infact suck at SF so much so my 7 year old could beat him.........sorry i mean the lag could beat him.
    Now his lets plays are an even bigger joke!  Yes the guy has shit loads of subscribers but out of all of them his vids only average a few thousand views (if that) and this guy is terrible at every single game he plays.  Oh and lets not start on the fact that he splits his lets play vids into 80-100 parts some parts of which are only 3 mins long (to get more average view time and thus more money)
    He begs his fans for more donations SO HE CAN FUCKING MOVE HOUSE!!!!
    He also calls himself the King of hate and pisses and moans when ppl aim hate at him.  And when one episode has died down and gone into the pages of history he releases yet another vid bringing it all back into the light again and pisses and moan AGAIN that ppl mention it.
    Oh yeah he is a pedophile too. He is literally sick in the head (see his walking dead playthrough) he constantly insults his own fans and contradicts himself daily.
    Basically the guy is a complete POS with diarrhea frosting and should be avoided at all costs.
  22. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Who is the most corrupt publishers in the entire gaming industry?   
    They are all horrible. Ubisoft has good games, good ideas and great gameplay but they are also greedy and have horrible PC ports.
    EA has all the DLCs and crap, not horrible games, pretty good ones but it's still EA.
    Capcom...I hate Capcom.
    And Activision...well...
  23. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by DestinyDecade in Horrid Ubisoft Experience... from a Former Employee   
    There are no words to describe it. Just none and yes, it relates not only to Assassin's Creed but PC games as well with the CEO saying that 90% of PC Gamers are pirates. Just heartbreaking.
  24. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Aya Reiko in Submission for Gaming Controversies for 2014   
    GamerGate, Quinnspiracy, and all that related mess.
    Unity and Ubisoft's dubious review blackout policy
    Watchdogs, (a.k.a. Colonial Marines, part 2)
    Slaughtering Grounds v Sterling
    Paranautical Activity getting yanked due to the dev making death threats to Gabe
    Destiny's underwhelming release
  25. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by SirSeaBiscuit in Another Broken Game This Week... (Not Unity)   
    Sonic Boom.
    God damn this game was released like shit. Look at this:

    Do games even get QA tested these days... I mean Mojang does it hardcore with Minecraft on every new platform they release it on. Why can't everyone else do it with their new titles?