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    Rugby , Reading , Rpg etc. pp
  1. Hi, could you invite me pls in the EU caln thank you in advance edit: ign is DarkSteelLotus
  2. Hi, so where are we actually asking for an invite for the EU clan? Greets from the Bosphorus
  3. I dont know if this is the right thread I signed up but dont really have a team so anybody who wants to team up Im here
  4. Here you go Im looking forward to play with you guys İGN: Darksteellotus
  5. Hello everbody, do we have a new caln , if so could you please invite me , The name is Darksteellotus. thanks for the invite! DarkDranix EDİT : Sorry wrong topic!
  6. cant wait for ps 2!
  7. Well yeah >.> no if he has good items, you better take care . Mercury often charges me (as I am zeus) . I attack him 3 times> stun and then got the kill XD avoid getting in Zeus LB and Ulti then you should be fine
  8. Hello fellow soldier, man, it took me a while to read the whole guide but it was definetly worth it. Thank you for this brief introdcution
  9. Hello Fellow soldiers, well every god can be anoyying wehen he is a) good and focusing you! well i think thanatos and Fenrir along with Loki are the ones who realy gets me upset
  10. Hope we'll play smıte in the future
  11. Two worlds one, I bought that game for 9.99€ .totaly wasted money. Actually the topic says the "WHAT'S THE WORST RPG YOU'VE EVER PLAYED" though I never could really play it... oh and also there is LOTR: WITN the other LOTR games were pretty goodi, but this was definitly a failure
  12. Hello Fellow soldiers, oh man I played a lot of games and didn't finish them... the witcher 2, Darksouls, Bioshock infinite, X2 : The Threat, X3 (just played 2 minutes or so). Secret of Evermore, Chronotrigger, Terranigma, and Metro 2033 (because of time issues)
  13. Zeus for the might or Aphro for the Beau... wait no, aphrodite because THAT would be hilarious
  14. AH I knew forgot about something, I may add that the RPG's on the Wii are also great games but no one gave attention like Sky Arcadia etc. And of Course The .//hack: G.U. series for the PS2 were Great definitly a must have if you ask me
  15. Hello fellow Soldiers, I just wanted to ask you if there is a game or a fracnhise which you think didn't earnthe attention that it should or a hidden gem lost in the maelstorm of games. Or an franchise Hyped up to the heavens but turned out to be totally crap? For me E.V.O. (for the SNES) was such a gem though it's more an adventure than an RPG. Also Valkyrie profile Lenneth (PSP) Tales of the World radiant Mythologie (PSP) are awesome games that no one really cared about. For the PS1 there were many games that were beautiful like Vagrant Story, Jade Cocoon (I think first game synchornized on ps1???), Legend of Legaia and Tomby (Adventure!) Well overrated RPG are hard to find but if we speak generally well yeah CoD series.