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  1. I'll be playing it and on PC.
  3. Guy's message WITHASTICK on PSN. He can add you to a message room. We all help each other out with activities and every weekend we do raids and game night (on which ever game).
  4. Panther as you may know those weapons are common. Plus I would say we would need to be rank 2/3 to order legendary's from that get delivered on a Wednesday. So starting it on a Wednesday makes sense. That's like them saying trials is Friday through Tuesday but starting it on Thursday.
  5. Panther. That's up to MS and Sony... But it's normally around 10am (UK time)
  6. I Know this is SUPER late. But wait until Tuesday re-set day. That's when everything changes. Off course TTK is the 15th.
  7. Dragon age origins (skip 2) Dragon age Inquisition, Lords of the fallen or Deus ex Human revolution (I have been getting random crashes here and there).
  8. A few months ago I brought DA: Inquisition and Wolfenstein. DA worked off the bat but the key for Wolf was already used. Went through shield and with in a few days I was playing Wolf. So if you buy from G2A ALWAYS as it's just that little extra protection.
  9. Can I get an invite Dante@HELLFIREV1
  10. Could I join. There will be times when I work away from home for more than a month so at times I won't log in for over a month. Hellfire.8127
  11. When it get's updated I would like to join. Name Nomad Knight
  12. Yep they will. The new Taken enemy type will appear in a few select strikes.
  13. I'm recently playing through the Witcher 2 (very good game btw) and i'm currently in Loc Murrine (spelling I know). For some reason my game keeps crashing A LOT. I am currently re-installing the game to see if that fixes anything but wondering if anyone of guys or gals know of a fix or an unofficial patch???
  14. Couldn't agree more.