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    Gaming, ASG, weaponry, music (death metal, blues), growl, biology, muscle cars, choppers.
  1. I've seen you've been busy, lately. If you need help PM me a link to your steam profile, I can help you organize and come up with cool events, if you wish. Also, I am from EU so I know people don't often play with US servers due to high ping or timezone limitations, so I could help organize EU community aswell.
  2. Happy B-day to You and AJ!
  3. I can see setting up a server and supporting the game, but only after full release. So far, the game has ridiculous system requirements, if you want to squeeze 60 fps from it, you almost need to go with low settings. Also there's a super bad lag compensation, with ping above 80, the game is almost unplayable (stuff pop's in, you, dinos and other players teleport to different locations etc). I would be against supporting it, until it is released. So far, it's not even a game. For me, everything in Early Access is a "project". May be finished or may be dumped. So far it is full of bugs and runs very poor on good Pc's. Mine: i2600k cranked up to 4,5 per core, 20gb 1333Mhz ram, GTX 970 G1 - 4GB, -medium gives about 30 fps with resolution scaling, shadows and sky at minimum. Unacceptable for me. Also the game has a huge problem with hyperthreading, does not seem to use all cores, or full potential of GPU. I'm not saying the game is bad, so far, it's bugged as hell and runs poor on good machines. And don't give me Early Access BS - If it's being sold I have the right to criticize it. Oh and the game crashes from time to time. I couldn't support it if it's barely stable.
  4. Alright I've sent the invite and waiting for the event. Currently I am gaining creds by (trying) to trade rares. Not enough time tho.
  5. Hope it's not a repost but this: And this epicness: Even more epicness:
  6. Sorry that it sounded a bit like sarcasm (You're right) and I can assure You it was not intended, once again, apologies. Well, these are the forum rules: "You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may violate any laws be it of your country, the country where “TOXIKK Forum” is hosted or International Law. Doing so may lead to you being immediately and permanently banned, with notification of your Internet Service Provider if deemed required by us. The IP address of all posts are recorded to aid in enforcing these conditions. You agree that “TOXIKK Forum” have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic at any time should we see fit. As a user you agree to any information you have entered to being stored in a database. While this information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent, neither “TOXIKK Forum” nor phpBB shall be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised. " So makes my law also work on that forum, laws from Poland. Now, our law says: Art. 190.a paragraph 1 says clearly: "Who by the persistent harassment arouses in justified circumstances a sense of threat or substantially violates its privacy, is punishable by imprisonment up to 3 years." And I did not just felt harassed by the pepole which BARRY SCOTT user did enable to. It broke the law of sharing private corespondence without users permission. We all know that law, that's why you cannot for example record on your phone anyone without notifying and asking him if he's willing to, even on loudspeaker in a public place. At least in Poland you can't. So I have reported that to admin that according to forum rules, he should be banned. I've reported that multiple times, tried to contact Sharkster in that matter, nothing, all rejected but without any argument why and there was no contact with this guy. So I've assumed he falls unto the law of knowinly letting the crime happen and therefore, because I couldn't do anything else as he was the highest autority, cooperation in the crime. That's where it all set off. I had a talk with other admin however, peacefully, cool, as an admin should be, polite no matters what. And there's the catch, I notified Shakster about that, that I am contacting other admin and we will discuss banning Sharkster accordingly to their law. However, he banned me after this message and I do not have the private chat history with the other admin... Letthargy I think that was his nick. I've recently asked my friend on that forum, yes, friend, to contact this moderator in order to send me the messeges over. You have the full right not to believe in 50% what I said cause I cannot give any proof but this: http://pl.tinypic.com/r/30ttjlw/8 as I on my own lost all private chat with the admins due to banning me... Sorry, pepole demand this and this. My whole point is that the developers/admin are hiding something and rejecting pepole the freedom of speech and bad opinions. Thank you for notification. However but their in my law it seems like they have an admin that was involved in a criminal activity, at least according to my laws (see up) and their forum laws, plus he insults my country, me and my laws, where also someone else from my country feels like it is an insult, which is personal yes, but it leaves space for speculations, is someone in the developer team a racist or a xenophobe. Only Polish pepole would understand his (sadly) Nazist joke so this makes it not important. And also shuts other pepole's mouths and bans when someone want's to rightfully claim the money back for content that was released for free shortly after. If You would like to specify which information should be kept away from the topic then I would be glad to not mention them anymore.
  7. I am sorry if I have insulted you in some way. So what about that he broke the law? That he has shown racist or at least xenophobic behaviour? Yes, you're right because you cannot be harassed only in one place. You need to be harassed in mutliple places and that took place on my youtube where I was foolish enough to start removing the comments that harassed me. Also this dude has deliberately searched for my other accounts, anywhere, as you can see that he has found my reddit, and without any proof correctly pinpointed that it is me. That's the point. They allow posts like this "this is wrong this is bad fix this and it will be great", but when you make a post "this game feels bad and broken" it is going to be deleted. For example, dude demanded his 90$ back, he had the right to shat down upon the developers for something he paid and he got banned for that. For sharing with the world, that this developer is bad because they've scammed him. Apparently you cannot do that these days. "If it is a product sold for money, then it sure as hell deserves to be criticized".
  8. Yeah, thanks, I need observer point's of view. However later on he did share private corespondecy without my agreement or even knowledge. I was a defendant and everyone has his nerves. I was insulted right away when I came to the forum, and I was invited to get there. And this guy did keep harassing me with messeges until I banned him. And seems like his "don't harass him" did not help either, later on joining to insult me aswell on the forums while I tried to reason with admins that did not replay to me in any way. Plus I think I can deal with criticism: http://steamcommunity.com/app/324810/discussions/0/615085406657366523/ I had a really good conversation with guys here. Do keep in mind, one is from another topic and I did what I did to cool him down, and later he explains that he did needed to cool down, afterwards we had a good conversation. I have to admit though, if the "critique" is about some different opinion, I get it and I can disscuss about it. However, when the critique says I'm doing something wrong and I should follow what they do, I am a very stubborn person to explain it to me or even notice. I usually take it as irrevelant since it changes my main target for example, so I don't care about it and as far as I know I can remove it right away. I like to learn on my own mistakes and before I march in somwhere I like to make a plan in my head how it is all supposed to look alike. I mean, I drive my own channel how I do, I know what I want to to be, how my videos should look alike, it is my vision and it's hard to talk me through it unless you are my close friend. Worse is, I find it as a good thing of learning by own mistakes and being original in some ways. For example, almost all music and assets I use are made only by me myself and I won't even listen some random person telling me I should change this and that. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. However the main point is what this admin does, that's what I'm trying to focus on. Even a person, also polish reported to me that he also feels like this was insulting to our country. All of this requires just alot of deep reading and thought. It's not something you read once (yes, everything) and are done with it. But some pepole don't have the time and I do understand that. Because as I said, this admin and community always tries to make pepole look like they've started it not the community or admin. And on first, quick glance it does seem so, I have to agree with that.
  9. Yeah. Comments like "you sux" and "lol ur piece of s**t" sounds like alot of constructive critisicsm. So you knew how these comments were written huh? I really want to know how. There was nothing constructive about them, they were junk. Go look at steam links where I had a normal talk with normal pepole. Seriously you think they were a critique? So voting down all my other videos was also a critique from their side? Without watching it? Dude please, you sound really unreasonable. We all know how most of "critique" comments look alike. These were hateful and harassive. I have not deleted a single developer comment from my chanel because that was not hate from their side at least. Please don't make stuff up without even reading anything but a few words. Sadly it went the other way as You've described. I did not disagree with pepole and got insulted many many times. I also couldn't help finding threads closed or with banned pepole that couldn't get their money back or mouth's were shut because of criticism. I am trying to make pepole aware what they do to others who disagree with them and are new to their forums. They won't even talk to you outside of their playgrounds, they don't wish to. I've been invited and immediately discriminated (not even mentioning private corespondecy leak and that admins did allow that, by someone who was harassing me), as many other pepole, to the point where you can't take it and write something stupid or angry, and then you get banned and having a pin of being a fool while they have started it all. They do it to make pepole seem like fools. Plus, game is dead, please read the topics mate. Max 12-14 pepole play it, with median of 21 minutes in past 2 weeks. Even other players agree that this game right now is dead. Usually a developer would think what to do in that case so the game won't be dead, instead of inviting pepole on their forums to make fools out of them and ban them. That was my point of the 1st video, so they'd get up and do something about the game having flaws and being dead. This game has serious problems and by harsh and absurd criticism I tried to help, as developers should notice a thing or two that there's something not right. I've been talking to normal and friendly pepole and they agree with me in alot of the cases. Game needs alot of fixing. But they're dealing with pepole who critique it by banning them on their own playgrounds.
  10. You have your point and rights, I have to admit. But I've even recieved a friend request from a guy from my own country. He read all about this and he also feels that the law, country and our nationality has been offended. He does not feel it as much as I do, I want to state that, but he agrees that he made fun of Poland and our laws and social policies. Plus insults to developers (and otherwise) happen all the time. Activision for example posted some writing on one maps that offended Arab pepole, too bad they did not sue them, althrough some used harsh words. We all shat down with harsh words on one or another developer. If they can't take it, again, they shouldn't be developers. Don't pretend you're a saint mate.
  11. Banned because the empire is happy.
  12. Exactly. Sorry for speaking with deeper/second meaning, I like doing so. We don't need nazi zombies to have fun and enjoyment, that's what I wanted to say. This is so awesome I want it on a VHS! Hands up who has one and it still works!
  13. I think we've reached the point where we need trolls and pepole really picking up on devs, especially with early access. Only then you see how they behave... Not give your money back but also make special content you paid for free, ban for no reason, settle above any laws even their own, even racism sometimes.... I think that kind of pepole would make the unrevealing of real dev's mask much faster. Like this one. I don't hate the game itself as it plays well, great experience but the marketing, selling it on remains of what is UT2004 to sell to hardcore fans but also new ones... And now this admin. It's wrong. Insulting pepole and their laws, countries and freedom of speech.. Man. Plus making false accusations when I suspect ONE person of the team of being racist, he's accusing me that I've mentnioned all of them. We need pepole that full time job will be mocking the devs, seriously, they're getting more and more ridiculous. Not talking about all the pepole that might work in a team, but at least some members that cannot stand the heat. They'd be driven away from any community service as least. I mean, I am sure that they want a good PR and realations with playerbase. Playerbase of TOXIKK right now is this : http://steamspy.com/app/324810 Median of 20 mins in the last 2 weeks... As far as I know there's been a few more pepole banned or deleted. But they ban you in their forum and steam, so they keep it tight., they will not discuss anywhere where they don't have the laws to ban or delete your comments. I tried, but no. You can do so only on their playground. I've got invited to the forum to further discuss the flaws of their marketing and what I recieved are insults to me, my laws, freedom of speech, my country, alienation and more. I literally came there so they could make fool of me and ban me to get rid of me on steam. This is... So corrupt and rotten.
  14. Banned because of freedom of speech.
  15. Lazors, dinosaurs, bewbs, guns, karate jeez... I could go on for the rest of the day. This has everything! Besides one thing: No nazi zombies disappointed me.