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  1. Fission liked a post in a topic by Lhotse5 in Eve Online **[Polled added]**   
    Advice for EVE noobies:
    1) Do the tutorials ! ALL OF THEM ! You will not get the chance to learn that much and make that much isk for a long time. Also, you get a ton of free ships and skillbooks to get you set up in the game.
    2) Join a corp. You can always leave and move onto another but EVE really is a social game and the knowledge you can gain from corp members is invaluable.
    3) Always try to train the essential skillbooks (Spaceship Command, Gunnery, Missile Lauchers, Drones, etc) to Level V. At first you will need to get a few books going at the same time so you can play but don't try to get too many going so that you're not getting the full potential from your equipment.
    4) DO NOT AND I MEAN NEVER....EVER, buy anything from someone in a chat room. If it seem's like a real good deal ? It's a scam. Make noooo mistake. Many people do nothing but run 'deal scams', bogus lotteries and ponsy schemes in the chat rooms. Especially in the main trading hubs in Jita, Amarr, Hek, Rens and Dodixie.
    5) NEVER use autopilot !!! Unless you want to get ganked by a gatecamper. That's always  an interesting...and demoralizing experience..I've heard.
    6) High Sec = Where you learn to play EVE. Null Sec = Where you play EVE for real. Don't become one of those High Sec carebears who do nothing but mine the 'roids and rat Lv 4 missions for peanuts. That gets old after a while and there is NOTHING like warping into a 2000 plus player PvP battle with everything lighting up and blowing up...you really owe it to yourself to get in on that.
    Any questions, post em here and I'll try to answer as best I can.
  2. Lhotse5 liked a post in a topic by Fission in Eve Online **[Polled added]**   
    I've been playing EVE for a couple years now, and I was pretty hardcore at first. However, with a Corporate merger we lost a lot of good people and I lost my interest in the game. I am excited to see that this may be a viable option for AJSA, and I would be more than willing to help build a corporation from the ground up as well as help train and equip those new to EVE. Could make for some Epic experiences!
  3. Fission liked a post in a topic by Lhotse5 in Eve Online **[Polled added]**   
    I'm still waiting to use that door in my Captains Quarters to walk around the station.
    In all candor, I will never, EVER understand why they made Dust a console game(given that EVE is PC) when they could have hooked it all up so that you could..
    get in your ship and undock,
    do all the EVE stuff you already do AND....
    fly to the planet, take a shuttle to the surface and do fps Dust battle or
    fire on the helpless inhabitants of the planet like The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, with your ship's weapons, (Sorry, I can't help myself, I'm a Goon.  ) to aid in the battle for control of the planet and the surrounding resources and space,
    mine the planet, build POS's on the planet,
    and either live on the planet or fly back to your station...the 'Whole Enchilada' as they say.
    But no, they had to chop it up with two platforms and some talk about actually joining the two games together someday, in some way. I'll believe it when I see it..like being able to walk through that door.    
    If they had just done what I just suggested from the start with Dust, EVE/Dust would be the only multiplayer/MMO game I would ever need. I would be able to do it all with just one game.
  4. Fission liked a post in a topic by Sern in Guild Wars 2 - VOTE PASSED   
    Should add a poll question about who's on what server so that if the decision is to have a guild we already know where it should be, where the majority of players are.
  5. Fission liked a post in a topic by Jidyfly in Fission reporting, sir!   
    Welcome Fission! Glad to have you
    See you on the Field of Battle!
  6. Fission liked a post in a topic by Angry Joe in =AJSA= or [AJSA]?   
    Check the Poll!
    Just curious asking you guys which Tag Style you prefer?
    =AJSA= or [AJSA]?
    Keep in mind the length restrictions and character restrictions in certain games!