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  1. Unokerts and DominicGamesAlot invited! welcome to the angry army! DominicGamesAlot, we do not have any level requirements dont worry just enjoy the game and dont forget to hit the represent button in the guild panel after you accept the invite ^^
  2. Zathras Grimm, Sasha and Steve invited ! Welcome to the Angry Army
  3. So I have this issue since I got the game actually. The game is running very smoothly on high/ultra quality but it randomly just freezes and then crashes. The freezes are quite weird, the screen is frozen but after a while i can hear the game unfreezing and for example stuff attacking me and i can even move etc. but the screen is frozen so i cant really see whats going on. Tried playing on lowest settings but it still does that. Yesterday it was doing better as i didnt crash for hours of playing. Then i patched the game to 1.03 and updated my nvidia drivers to newest. I played after doing that and it was all fine but then today it was way worse, i crashed like 3 times after just 5 minutes of playing. I rolled old driver in hope it helps and it did let me play longer (about 30 minutes). Well now this is getting annoying so i thought maybe any of you know wat2do My spec: GeForce GTX 770 Inter Core i5-4690 3.5GHz 8GB ram Windows 8.1
  4. So far the best job is done by the players. REBUILD EVERYTHING WITH INFINITE BANNERS
  5. The thing is about rank difference tho too ^^ If we could get a nice group going that'd be great tho!
  6. I got another one x3 This time I used another way of editing it. Would love to get any feedback about it, be it positive or negative ^^ And come on guyss, send some of yoursss ! :3
  7. Here I am back again with another video! This time I made some more editing so feel free to criticize me or give any tips about it :3 Yay a game with Faizyr n ma other friends \o/
  8. Dont remember to switch on english subtitles lol
  9. for me pretty much every day, but prefferably evening (6pm-noon)(GMT+2)
  10. I ranked up from MGE to EM recently and i regret it.. i had two lucky games where the enemy was just terribly bad but i know i can't play on higher level than MGE.. I ranked up way to quickly to be in EM now and i know my skill level is MGE ;_; Probably gonna get deranked soon, hopefully :v Edit: Im actually doing pretty fine there x3 not best but uh oh uh kinda
  11. I was thinking of maybe having 1v1 maps and setup? Right now we dont have ppl to randomly join the server and play unless we make an event that is planned ahead. with 1v1 it requires a minimum of 2 joining the server and have a little bit of fun as well as train the aim a little. My opinion is that it would be a good idea to keep a 1v1 setup on the server daily and then can be simply changed back to competetive for events etc. Like I said its way easier to just pm one of the AJSA folks (a steam csgo group would be nice if there is no) and hop on the server together to have a little bit of fun. To add, 1v1 servers with good setup work with any number of players above 2. if the number of players is odd then one of players just has to wait for others to finish their round and he gets switched with the losing player ^^ Messy post but you see the idea right now its needed at least 6 people to have some kind of fun on the server that is running competetive right now but those bots are just.. >.> ... <.< ... >.<
  12. I still prefer the m4a1-s because of its utility(silent shots, no bullet tracers, more accurate). Yet i sometimes swap to m4a4 depending on what map and position im going to play. But generally i play with m4a1 ^^ (UNLESS I FIND A MOFO AK, AK IS LOVE AK IS LIFE !.!)
  13. I didnt see this thread before when i posted my deagle 1v4, but oh well :| I got a new vid to share tho! A nice Tec ace :3
  14. This game was somewhere in gold nova 3 if i remember correctly. I know it's quite lame but hey i pulled it off!
  15. you can put the items in the bank in one of the cities The EU AA is on Seafarer's Rest