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  1. Wait a moment, the gpu is bottlenecking? Or my CPU? How do I/Should I OC either of them?
  2. I went around and messed with these games (I was using the in-game steam fps counter, not sure how accurate it is): Warframe- Solid 60 fps with everything maxed out The Witcher 2- 45+ (I did have to go in and manually increase the gpus fans as it started to go well past its safe max temp) Shogun 2- 60 fps Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain- 60 fps with everything maxed out I did take screenshots of the settings as I had to mess with the settings of the witcher 2 and shogun 2, but I started with everything maxed and then lowered them bit by bit till I hit 60. I can not post any of the pics on here because they are too big and even if I try to compress them they still are too big
  3. I was going to ask blizard's technical support and the very first forum post was this link! I mean as fishy as it sounds blizzard wouldnt put anything up that is false, would they? And i can only get a solid 60 fps if I turn everything down as much as possible besides lowering the frame rate. The UI in that video seems to be late beta early release, and by the looks of it they are heavily favoring nvidia, at least by that chart. Idk, but the forums say that my card isnt supported, maybe it is just an optimization thing? BLIZZARD FIX THIS I DIDN'T PAY ALMOST $400 SO THAT YOU COULD BE BIASED TOWARDS A COMPANY AND FLIP ME OFF! https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/7433
  4. So I have apparently figured out what the issue was, and it has nothing to do with any of my hardware or software. The game I have been talking about that has been giving me issues is heroes of the storm (I only got the chance to play a few other games and I have gotten nothing but 60 fps with everything cranked up to max). Heroes of the Storm apparently doesnt support anything higher than the x200s in the R9 amd series.
  5. So apparently turning vsync off helped me get the frame rate I was looking for. so that brings me to a bigger question, what affects vsync? Ok, nevermind that did not work, but I was looking around in the bios and I swapped the PEG for the PCI under "Initiate graphic Adapter" in the "North Bridge Configuration" Under "advanced". also I forgot to mention that my ssd and my ram are each almost 3 years old. How do I test the integrity of my ram? and is there any way I can know my ssd is going bad? what do you mean by a "clean install"? Whole new windows 10?
  6. No specific Messages The drivers all seem to be up to date (I am using the amd "autodetectutilites" software A.K.A the AMD catalyst software, and it says everything is up to date) No flags from anything in device manager As for the overheating I have been scouring the internet for definitive temprature ranges on both the AMD FX 9590 and the R9 390 Nitro For the 9590 amd (I got this off their website) says that the maximum safe temp is 134 degrees Fahrenheit and the R9 390 Nitro is 124 degrees Fahrenheit Links to those here: Under the "preformance" tab: http://products.amd.com/en-us/search/CPU/AMD-FX-Series/AMD-FX-8-Core-Black-Edition/FX-9590/98 As for the gpu i can not find any temp ranges :/ After about an hour of gaming my gpu did hit 127 degrees Fahrenheit (I am using CPUID HWM) but i do not believe it stayed there for too long (my screen did black out twice for about 1 second a peice) BUT the 9590 (which is a 220W 8 core 4.7 ghz cpu) did not go over 113 degrees Fahrenheit I have been using the corsair link software to mess with my fan speeds and I had it set to the "performance" mode the fan speeds at the "performance" mode are: MB: ~1800 rpm GPU: ~1000 rpm (although it has three built in fans so~) and the H100i: Fan: ~1800 rpm off two fans Pump: In the 2700-2800 rpm range I also forgot to mention I have the Cooler Master Storm Trooper case for some reason when I took the top of the case off to replace the top fan with the radiator for the H100i my front panel lights are not working now! T_T I have been looking around for a pwm wire for the front panel lights and havent been able to find it! I have made several changes with this new upgrade so it has been a nightmare! Also windows ten is telling me that I do not have it activated, is that because i got a new mobo? How am I supposed to reactivate it? I don't need to pay them $120+ as a premium for upgrading my desktop do I?!
  7. So I recently went out and got some new parts to upgrade my pc with (and I believe that my old mobo was also bad, was having weird black screens on turn on.) Now the new parts I got are CPU: AMD FX 9590 CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i Mobo: Crosshair V Formula Z GPU: R9 390 Nitro Ram: 16 gigs of AMD Radeon Memory SSD: Kingston hyperX 128 gig HDD: WD green 3 TB 7200 rpm PSU: Corsair RM 1000 (I was going to get another R9 390 Nitro later on) The issues I am currently experiencing is weird stuttering while I game, it seems to be a lot slower than it used to be when booting, opening applications, and I have had windows 10 basically crash to the point where I had to manually boot it. I have stress tested the cpu (for about an hour) and gpu (for ~15) (if that matters). I have run my ssd and hdd through the seagate troubleshooting software. both "passed" but my ssd needed some parts to be fixed? I have no clue what the issue maybe at this point T_T please help!
  8. Friday Night Heroes

    Come join us for a night (around 9 pm EST) of casual and competitive fun! We will be holding 5 que quick matches (if you don't want to deal with the... unsavory types), hero league, and for those of us most competitive team league. If you are curious about Heroes and would like to learn more about it, there is no better way to do it than have us (the ajsa's competitive heroes team, who will be attending ) teach you about the game, and help you get better in your play, so that you may have fun in this particular MOBA. So come out and join us, and above all have fun!
  9. Friday Night Heroes

    Come join us for a night of casual and competitive fun! We will be holding 5 que quick matches (if you don't want to deal with the... unsavory types), hero league, and for those of us most competitive team league. If you are curious about Heroes and would like to learn more about it, there is no better way to do it than have us (the competitive heroes team, who will all be attending ) teach you about the game, and help you get better in your play, so that you may have fun in this particular MOBA. So come out and join us, and above all have fun!
  10. Alright! unfortunately I do not have blazblue, nor do I ever want to get it, not a fan sorry. But I really recommend you grab skullgirls, its worth its full price imo. also, I hope that KI gets a PC port and I am thinking about pre-ordering SF5 for the beta unsure though.
  11. hey there fellow ajsa members! I am here on the forums looking to see if there is anyone interested in playing some fighting games, casually or competitively, go ahead and post on here! I have skullgirls and third strike on ggpo for those interested, go ahead and post any other games and add me on steam if you want to go a few rounds! steam Id- vaanhide
  12. -North America User: Vaanhide #1486 Definitely looking for a competitive heroes team! got a pal who I play with regularly so only need 3 other people! I'm looking forward to gaming with you guys!
  13. I have been looking for people to play Heroes with, having logged quite a number of hours in the game already I was looking for others to play with, specifically (lets keep our fingers crossed) players who are serious about this game and will play ranked, with the possibility of competing in tournaments and such. If anyone is interested feel free to leave your in game name and # ID so that I may add you and get this show on the road! Oh right forgot about that NA server and hopefully you live in America, but hey ranked match players are welcome as well (shout out to BlueBuff )!
  14. My favorite rpg of all time has to be titan quest: immortal throne!