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  1. Id join but thats a bit too late for me, even if I was up I dont think I would be playing well
  2. An amazing game, its a very under appreciated game like most great nintendo games, because as we all know nintendo only make games for 10 years olds right
  3. Elite Dangerous is not a game you can really play too well with others until the wings expansion comes out in the next month or so, it mainly comes down to going to conflict zones together or mining/trucking in packs for safety. I wouldn't let it put you off buying it though, it's a game that's easily worth it, and SC is way to far away to even consider if it's a waste of money
  4. I nearly said Twilight Princess due to its dark themes, and epic gameplay that almost mirrored OoT..... BUT Skyward Sword I enjoyed more than any other game in the series and it also challenged me a lot more.
  5. Not sure why I'm so happy about seeing the this "character" again. H-h-have I actually grown to like this "character"? Lunacy! And your happy for Wii fit trainer? Worst character ever, it's as if Nintendo have taken a power hammer and tried to make the Wii fit series an essential part of their history.
  6. The Dw controls ( correct me if I'm wrong) are very playstaion Japan orientated in that square ( x on the Wii U) is the dominant button whilst a is the the dominant attack button on Zelda controls with extras like lock on and shield guard buttons being natural to Zelda players.
  7. Apparently I will no longer be winning tournaments with the ice climbers
  8. The great addition is that the controls can be set to suit Zelda or DW fans. I'm not a great fan of DW after the first few but I am a great fan of Zelda and I have to say, the didn't just make a great DW game, they made a great Zelda game. Compared to the gundam cross-overs (big gundam fan here) this is near perfect
  9. Dion, you me need to chat lol. I was planning on starting a Merc wing, being hired to the highest bidder lol
  10. If Mojang is just going to be a subsided company then fair enough, but don' ruin them then release all the shit they make on every bloody platform. I think rare made 1 good game on 360 (kameo) that was an origianl IP and 2 if you count nuts and bolts
  11. I have a few platinums but mainly on games I love to play,playing last of us on survivor and loving it. Get all dog tags in cod.... Yeah that's just stretching an already shite single player experience
  12. I use Turtle Beach PX22. Its the mid range wired headset that has an amazing mixer on it so you have control of treble, bass and volume and can also plug in your mobile phone or ipod. With the PS4 now supporting usb headsets, this is my headset of choice for multiple uses. Its also sponsored by major league gaming. It also can run through the audio jack in the mixer, or the headphones can unplug from the mixer for use in the controller if your lucky enough to have a room over 10 metres wide. I will say that they were the first.... lets say non-professional headphones ( if its not german audio then it generally wont get time of day in my home), but i was highly impressed with the quality on these. Look up a review here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRayUrZQL04
  13. So just wondering here, I've only just got invited to multiplayer arena commander. How long did everyone else have to wait?
  14. Also playing against a lot of hunters hasshown me how nasty the golden gun is at this lower level..... its like they nicked it from goldeneye on the n64 lol
  15. My main reason is just generally to keep the forums tidy, maybe in a day or two we will have a clear view of the traffic on the forums to do with Destiny