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  1. OriginalSpiff liked a post in a topic by kristycocopop in Mii and U need to hang out more (Wii U Discussion)   
    The games that we get have been mostly for the Wii U. Our GameStop already knows that if there a Wii U version of a game on hold, it’s most likely for use. (nods)
    Anyways, I hope there will be a Wii U/3DS form soon.
    I do play on the PS3/ PC sometime but because of the other type of games and platforms I feel left out.
  2. kristycocopop liked a post in a topic by OriginalSpiff in Mii and U need to hang out more (Wii U Discussion)   
    I literally just searched for this, as there was not WiiU tab. I quite like the WiiU. I know it's sort of been ignored by press and most (Nintendo Japan's Copyright issues haven't helped online coverage either sadly) but it's a great system and a hell of a lot of fun for the price. I'd love to play some games with the Army on it. Smash or Kart would be amazing.
  3. kristycocopop liked a post in a topic by Aquila in Mii and U need to hang out more (Wii U Discussion)   
    I heard Japan recently received a huge spike of sales, because of the release of Wii Party U. Why? I dunno, but sales are sales. I reckon Black Friday might increase sales in North America too.
    And let's be fair, Wii was the best-selling console of the previous generation hands-down. Nintendo is a solid company, if nothing else. Sony and Microsoft have been exchanging blows and flubs, but Nintendo for the most part breaks even and then some. With some very specific exceptions.
    Joe himself said this gaming community was meant for everyone, from the hardcore to the casual gamer. That's why it strikes me as a little peculiar that there's no Wii U/3DS section.