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  1. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Freaknfool in Is my friend sick from playing this game?   
    Considering some of the frozen corpse collections I've seen in EvE I think your friend is okay. For now. Though if he whips out a camera with just to two of you, RUN!
  2. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Freaknfool in Is my friend sick from playing this game?   
    Considering some of the frozen corpse collections I've seen in EvE I think your friend is okay. For now. Though if he whips out a camera with just to two of you, RUN!
  3. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Freaknfool in Is my friend sick from playing this game?   
    Considering some of the frozen corpse collections I've seen in EvE I think your friend is okay. For now. Though if he whips out a camera with just to two of you, RUN!
  4. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Freaknfool in Is my friend sick from playing this game?   
    Considering some of the frozen corpse collections I've seen in EvE I think your friend is okay. For now. Though if he whips out a camera with just to two of you, RUN!
  5. Freaknfool liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Dying Light. What Dead Island should have been. Really damn fun & addicting.   
    Just finished Dying Light. This game, is awesome!

    The story of the game is you're Kyle Crane, an agent of this organization GRE. You're sent to the city of Harran to retreive an important file which contains a cure for an existing zombie outbreak, and it's your job to get that file and find a cure for the zombie virus by joining a group of survivors. Yeah the plot have been done quite a lot in other games and movies, so don't expect the story to be anything special. But even though the story is generic, it does have interesting moments of sad stuff happening, especially in 2 gut wrenching story moments, and overall it's pretty well executed. The writers know exactly what the players are bound to think during several situations of this game, and your character will comment on the situation he's in, which is pretty damn funny in several parts of the game. The main villain is this Vaas wanabe, and he loves to talk nonsense. The main character basically got sick of him talking later that he yells "SHUT the FUCK UP!" at him. It's a great moment.
    Interesting fact about the main character: he's voiced by the same guy that plays Chris in RE5 till 6, Ezio in Assassin's Creed and Batman in Arkham Origins. So in this game, he's basically a mix of all of those people. Expert zombie puncher/kicker, one man army badass who's able to parkour with ease, and uses various gadgets, one of which is the grapling hook. And as you might expect, he's a great character to play as.
    The gameplay of the game is very similar to Dead Island + Mirror's Edge. Swing your weapons at zombies, throw weapon to enemies after if breaks, pick another weapon and do it over again, and of course jump to different buildings to evade zombies. You start off extremely weak, with abilities that's the same as in Dead Island of just swinging your weapons around and losing breath after 4 swings. But the beauty of this game is it's excellent leveling up system.
    The game have 3 stats you can level up. Survivor which is your reputation with the people around you, agility which is for parkour and your kicks, and power for attacks.

    As you level up, you gain more and more abilities that you can use during combat. You'll get the ability to do a jumping headsplatter instant kill move, a sick dropkick, a throw that counters enemy attacks, a slide kick which can break enemy legs making them unable to stand, finishing moves like an instant kill headstomp to enemies that are on the ground, OH HOLY FREAKING SHIT, SO MANY AWESOME ABILITIES!!!

    It's like Dead Rising if the abilites are all realistic. Man, by the end of this game, I max out all of my stats and I am basically a walking death machine who's able to use my grappling hook to get on top of buildings in 2 seconds and kill most enemies with my bare hands and kicks. It's so damn satisfying.
    The game plays very differently depending on if it's day or night. At day, it's like regular Dead Island. Zombies are everywhere and are easy to kill. The zombie types in the game are also similar to Dead Island. Normal zombies, infected from 28 days later, those guys that puke from far away, those guys who are big and needs a lot of damage to put down, you get the idea. These guys are all easily killable and you'll rack up a lot of bodies. At night? It's a whole different story. In here a new bunch of zombies called Volatiles will rise, and they're tough sons of bitches.

    Most of the time, you have to run from these guys. If you get seen, they will hunt you down unless you hide from their sight, or get into a safehouse which has UV lights that they're afraid of. Use UV light at them to stun them for a bit so you'll run away easier. Fortunately, if you're really tired of running away from them all the time, you can kill them if you choose. With this BOOMstick!

    The shotgun in this game is badass. It's heavy powered and the range is surprisingly good. You can shoot enemies from a pretty far distance and they will die in 1 or 2 shots. Not only is it the best gun in the game, it's the most useful weapon against big enemies and humans. Just aim this to their head and they're most likely going to die in 1 shot. 
    Surprisingly enough, the game actually have good and varied mission designs, both the main quest and the sidequest missions. There's a lot of smart platforming and jumping around you have to do, and the most exciting mission of all, for me anyway, is when you have to climb a tall tower. One sidemission requires you to climb this TAAAALLLLLL bridge, I'm talking probably the tallest thing to climb in the game and then use a zipline to travel to the other side of the bridge. This mission is so heartpounding and so much fun to do, and the reward for it is so worth it. Definitely my favorite mission in the game.

    In fact it's so awesome, that I put up Snake Eater from MGS3 to make it similar to that long ladder "IIIII AAMMM STiiiiiilllllll in a dreaaaaammm, Snake Eateeeeeeeer" epic climbing moment. It makes things so much more epic.

    There are a couple of things that I don't like about the game. First: why are some of the people you encounter for sidequests such ungrateful assholes? You do stuff for them, and in the end they betray you. Or they're such cocky assholes that they will challenge you to beat their record for "fastest traveling from point a to point b", like WHO GIVES A SHIT??? SHUT UP!
    Another thing is there's no fast travel. Even though you unlock safehouses, you can't fast travel from one safehouse to the next in an instant, you have to manually run all the way there. This is pretty annoying if point b is nearby a safehouse, and you're in a place FAAAAAAR away from it. Getting the grapling hook later helps travel immensely though, so that's good.
    Finally, one of the enemy type, the bomber, is a massive pain in the ass.

    Maaan oh man. I hate these things. They can appear out of NOWHERE, explode in front of you either because they're close or you accidentaly hit them, and you'll die instantly. The threat level should be max for these bastards. They're as dangerous as the volatiles.
    That's about it about the negatives actually. I know people complain about the final boss being a QTE fight, which is odd because that's the ONLY QTE sequence in the entire game, but I don't mind it. That's the only way the final boss can work, he only has one arm after all! Good thing it's not like the end boss in Dead Island which is pretty much the same as normal enemies. Besides it's a really satisfying end to such an asshole that's been mocking you throughout the whole game, and the ending is satisfying enough to reward you after all the things that happen in the game.
    This game is one of the best zombie killing games I have ever played. It's definitely better than Dead Island, and it's about as equal to Dead Rising 3, or maybe better. It's a great start to 2015, and it's already on my top 10 best game of 2015. If you're a fan of zombie killings, you gotta buy this game. You will play non stop for HOURS to get max level and complete all the missions in the game. I give this game the rating of "so awesome you will play this game again and again."
  6. Taerdin liked a post in a topic by Freaknfool in Are you religious?   
    Voted Christian though I seriously doubt that there is a "God". I do however believe that someone existed whom inspired the stories of Jesus. I don't think that Christianity and religion should be tied together. Christianity works better as a morality system. I know many horrible things have been done in the name of Christianity. Though that comes back to organized religion using people to achieve its own ends.
    The bible is most likely recordings of events that occurred. The stories shouldn't be taken literally. Though there is likely a grain of truth to most of them. Something occurred to cause the story to be told. "Jesus" likely was a man who did perform good, kind deeds. When those stories were told over they were embellished till we have the version we see today.
    Christianity can make for a good morality system. Kindness, generosity, compassion and love and respect for one another. These are all things we should aspire to; regardless of how we arrive at them; Atheist, Agnostic or Christian. I'm leaving it basic because it doesn't need to be complicated.