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  1. IMPORTANT: Probably this will sound n00bish and it may have been answered somewhere else but here goes nothing. Hello there AJSA community. So just a few days ago I returned too my Xbox 360 to play Battlefield 4 after playing Halo 5: Guardians, Star Wars Battlefront, and World of Tanks Xbox One Edition and found myself with the following issue..... WHERE ARE ALL THE DICE SERVERS!?!?!?!?!?!? I REMEMBER SEEING THEM IN THE RANKED SERVERS SECTION LAST TIME I PLAYED AND THERE NOT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (takes deep breath and calms down) Sorry about that outburst guys XD But yeah I last remember that the DICE servers were on the ranked servers section and now they're gone. All I find are rented player or clan servers in both Official and Ranked servers. Example: Today I tried to play BF4 but every time I looked for a server on Quick Match all I got were player servers where if you had lag you would get banned. Then there were two servers where apparently the admins don't like getting one shotted by shotguns or shot out of the sky with Stingers and Iglas (if there are other more concrete reasons for such rules let me know please) and would ban anyone who uses them. Please I would appreciate your answers as to what happened that there are no more DICE servers. Thank you very much
  2. Avalanche_Army501rst reporting for duty! I'll be inactive for a few days because Warframe glitches on me after Update 18 and won't let me login and the thing I that I'm using the correct login info :/
  3. At first I used to be a very active WoT player as some members of the clan may tell. Now not so much. Remember that rant of mine about WoT being unbalanced? Well yeah that's one reason for my hiatus in the clan. The other reasons are that Armored Warfare just passed on to OBT and I'm loving the game because that game is how World of Tanks "should" be but it's not A.K.A it's a BALANCED game. Along with that Halo 5: Guardians came out and I'm hooked with it and I've been binge playing ever since. So I won't be playing World of Tanks as much as I did back then. I'll still join up if there's an even I can participate but that's pretty much all I'll be doing. My apologies to the clan if I haven't been quite the team player and haven't been helping out by making the AJSA's presence stronger in World of Tanks. I'm still gonna stay and pop up once in a while in WoT to see how things are doing, but if I am to be removed from the clan because of the post Griever made about inactive players getting kicked out of the clan then go ahead I'll leave my place in the clan and give it to someone who really wants to be in it. So with that I give all my reasons why I'm not playing WoT as active as before and my apologies for not being a team player and key asset of the clan. Hope to see you all soon in the battlefield other than World of Overly Abusive and Overpowered Tanks. Have a good day
  4. Question. When the clan starts participating in clans wars and we get some territories and get gold, how will the AJSA WoT clan regulate how much gold a user can use so the clan treasury never gets into bankruptcy?
  5. I'm not on everyday because I'm playing Armored Warfare, but count with me for anything that you guys need. I got 2 Tier 5 tanks I hope they are enough to be able to fight with you guys
  6. First of all I'd like to start by saying that the community in Warframe is almost dead and I have seen no one this week online so to those who do still play Warframe I'd love to see you around to hang out and stuff. Second of all what's happening to the dojo? The spawn point got changed and everything seems to be in a different place now. I got lost trying to get to the research labs until I found them. I hope to hear from you all and see you all online and for someone to explain what's going on XD
  7. Add me up ass well. My MC nickname is Avalanche_Army
  8. Ever since I started playing World of Tanks on PC it's been a pain to get to the tanks I want without having to buy gold or premium time (I have money for neither of them) and I want you, the community, to give me 10 reasons why I should continue to play World of Tanks and 10 reasons why I should uninstall it. Don't troll me, be respectful, and offer helpful facts please. That is my mission unto you because WoT is getting on my nerves
  9. AWESOME!!!!!! Let me know when te teams are set to join one because me and my KV-85 are itching for Clan Wars mayhem!
  10. I just wanted to know it the World of Tanks AJSA clan was going to participate in Caln Wars at aany moment and if we'll be participating during the Clan Wars Armageddon event. If we are it be nice to know the MINIMUM tank Tier acceptable for battle. Thanks!
  11. It's on the NA client my friend
  12. Can anyone send me a link to any World of Tanks posts from the AJSA forum please? I want to join the clan and have some fun
  13. Signed up for the beta and if the AJSA creates the clan you can be sure you'll find me in it. So as for Armored Warfare being an AJSA official game I say yes go for it!
  14. Then my friend you are forgetting that there are people who have to grind through the first 4 tiers filled with shit tanks to get to the tier 5 tanks and beyond which is where the GOOD tanks are. Not to mention the Wargaming.net has LOUSY MATCHMAKING SERVICES! You have a Tier 3 shit tank and you get shoved into a Tier 5 match where you're the weakest tank in the round
  15. I'm willing to go help out on the building process. I'm starting to go looney for spending to much time alone in my Liset with Ordis (who's as looney as me). My IGN is Avalanche_Army501rst