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Avalanche Army

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  1. Griever liked a post in a topic by Avalanche Army in World of Tanks open Q&A.   
    Question. When the clan starts participating in clans wars and we get some territories and get gold, how will the AJSA WoT clan regulate how much gold a user can use so the clan treasury never gets into bankruptcy? 
  2. BlazeEliteXGamer liked a post in a topic by Avalanche Army in Tankers of the AJSA   
    It's on the NA client my friend
  3. Deadeye_DK liked a post in a topic by Avalanche Army in armored warfare BETA looking for guilds   
    Signed up for the beta and if the AJSA creates the clan you can be sure you'll find me in it. So as for Armored Warfare being an AJSA official game I say yes go for it!
  4. Avalanche Army liked a post in a topic by Arkveveen in Battlefield 4 AJSA Platooon Recuitment   
    Thanks! I applied to join the official AJSA platoon.
    Glad to see platoons are finally here. We've been needing this feature for quite awhile!
  5. Avalanche Army liked a post in a topic by AverageSpacePope in Battlefield 4 AJSA Platooon Recuitment   
    The platoon feature will hopefully bring new life into BF4. Up to now it has been very satisfying to see AJSA members working together in order to build up the AJSA platoon rank. It adds that feeling of actually being part of a community, something that was missing from BF4 until now.
  6. Avalanche Army liked a post in a topic by TacticalLion in Battlefield 4 AJSA Platooon Recuitment   
    You should check out the official AJSA platoon here:
  7. Avalanche Army liked a post in a topic by Berserker in Battlefield 4 Tips & Tricks   
    Wow, colors. It's like reading a rainbow. Maybe you should have posted this in the Battlefield 4 forum though.