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  1. Thank you!
  2. It was indeed awesome!
  3. Hello guys! I made a This War of Mine review. I really enjoyed this game and thought that maybe you guys should consider getting it! Its really something fresh and new to the genre. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCth_f7c3bk
  4. Yes G2A is a legit site, I have bought from there myself and it has been previously advertisied by other retailers.
  5. Gw2 is better than ESO at everything. Joe's reviews says it all. Gw2 is cheaper and has no subscription. You can even get Gw2 even cheaper at G2A: https://www.g2a.com/r/guildwars2
  6. Am I the only one who cancelled the ESO subscription after watching Joe's new review?
  7. @MostiTheGreat Cant wait to join up with you guys! Invited.
  8. I think maybe you have to save your home computer so the system doesnt ask for a verification code every time you try to enter the game.
  9. Welcome to the army!
  10. Hello, everyone! So I have decided to make a benchmarking video for battlefield 4 on the GPU 660 Ti with a i5 3570k processor! So if any of you guys have the same setup and would like to see how bf4 performs on it, here you go! If the quality is bad when you start the video, wait a few seconds it will get better!
  11. Civilization 5 or Age of Empires II HD edition.
  12. Hello everyone! I am an OK battlefield 4 player. I really want to join a team not only for tournament play but also to just play for fun. If we are to play in tournaments I will take it very seriously. However, these are my battlelog stats (play on pc) = MULTIPLAYER SCORE Assault score 56,073 Engineer score 101,927 Support score 77,925 Recon score 8,460 Commander Score 1,655 Squad score 18,835 Vehicle score 12,261 Award score 89,500 Unlock Score 2,400 Total score 350,200 GENERAL Kills 755 Deaths 670 Kill assists 72 K/D ratio 1.13 Wins 37 Losses 37 Shots fired 42,352 Shots hit 5,340 Accuracy 12.61% GAME MODES Conquest 94,568 Rush 25,970 Death Match 0 Domination 35 Obliteration 2,770 Defuse 0 TEAM Repairs 20 Revives 12 Heals 28 Resupplies 28 Avenger kills 80 Savior kills 63 Suppression Assists 86 Quits 28.85% EXTRA Dogtags Taken 4 Vehicles Destroyed 26 Vehicle Damage 55 Headshots 144 Longest Headshot 82.69 Highest Kill Streak 8 Nemesis Kills 0 Highest Nemesis Streak 4 GAME MODE EXTRA Flags captured 113 Flags defended 131
  13. It looks very interesting! Definitely going to check it out!
  14. Yes, but one is able to recover and be on top if one has a good strategy.
  15. Yes, It was my bad when I made this topic xD I didn't see the other one and I couldn't figure out how to delete this topic.. :S