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  1. I don't own any horrible games, but I found this Disney Skating Game on the Gamecube. Okay, believe it or not there were 2 Disney Skating Games, one was called Disney Extreme Skate Adventure, it was actually good. The other was called Disney Sports Skateboarding, this one was bad, you had 6 classic Disney characters (Mickey, Minney, Donald, etc.) and very small tracks. The controls were stiff and there was not much to do in the levels. Plus, there was very little story.
  2. I hate PewDiePie, however, I don't care what he plays, if he wants to play friggin' Darksouls let him play Darksouls.
  3. What about a game where there is this HUGE war in Greece and you pick a country (city-state technically) to fight, and every country has God(s) to help them. There would be separate modes where you can fight as soldiers or Gods but soldiers have aspects of the gods for their country
  4. I have a quote from my favorite character of my favorite T.V. show. "Just because some moron reenacts my game that doesn't make it my fault, video games don't cause violence, crazy, selfish people with no conscious or understanding of reality cause violence, like John Hinkley or Ronald Reagan" -Dave, Code Monkeys Season 2 Episode 2: My Pal Jodie
  5. *Sandvich with Heavy
  6. "I asked some on who raids, 'why do you raid?' 'To get the best items,' they said. 'What do you use the best items for?' I asked, to which they could answer, 'to raid with!'" - ​ Ben Yahtzee Croshaw, Zero Punctuation: World of Warcraft Cataclysm
  7. or is it.................
  8. Remember this little gem from when G4 was actually about video games. If you haven't seen it give, it a chance, both seasons are on Netflix.
  9. Pretty simple topic, what comic book character would you like to see get their own T.V. show or movie? For me personally I would want a D.C. show (live action or animated) that would focus on the origins of the D.C. villains spending a few episodes on each one and even having specific seasons dedicated to specific villains from a part of D.C. (Like one season for Batman villains, one for Superman's and so on and so forth).
  10. *sparkle sparkle sparkle*
  11. By the way, does anyone know how any good ways to make an image bigger or smaller?