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  1. LoreMaster liked a post in a topic by vanhoe in Dump your gifs here ;D   

  2. vanhoe liked a post in a topic by Hwa in How PR Should Act?   
    They didn't even take that long to say it even imo, the fact of the matter is why do people believe shit that doesn't come from the companies them self ? Don't jump the gun until its an official statement. 
  3. Rainversey liked a post in a topic by vanhoe in Reddit or 9GAG   
    Both are awful. I'd choose 4chan over anything. No, seriously. All of the sites are "stealing" from each others nowadays. 

  4. Sigma081 liked a post in a topic by vanhoe in Upcoming youtube change may effect how Joe does his reviews.   
    > evil over lord government.
    More like the Big Media Corporations.
  5. vanhoe liked a post in a topic by Hoofster in why do you not like _____ Fandom   
    For me the only fandom that goes overboard is when the fans get over zealous. Their thing is the greatest ever and fans of anything similar must partake in it or they're not allowed to speak about that subject. Attack on Titan fans are a prime example. They hyped it up so much that I found little about it to get excited for. Was it good? Yeah not bad, amazingly the best? Not even close.
  6. vanhoe liked a post in a topic by Gone the Third in why do you not like _____ Fandom   
    SAO fans kind of irk me in that regard.
    Sure, the show has an interesting premise, but it falls flat in that it focuses too much on the boring, by-the-numbers love story. But the fans?
    "Greatest thing ever because it's about an MMO."
  7. WeAreTheAJSA liked a post in a topic by vanhoe in New to the Website   
    Good thing you mentioned because there are peoples in the forum that are overly sensitive to verbal abuse. Though I don't understand why people would get upset if someone stop playing with them because they're bad at the game. 
  8. NinjaTurtle liked a post in a topic by vanhoe in Hey guys, don't swear while playing NBA 2K14.   
    There's no fucking way I'm going to speak like that in the internet.
  9. NinjaTurtle liked a post in a topic by vanhoe in Hey guys, don't swear while playing NBA 2K14.   
    I always find it funny that there are people who care about other random internet user swearing.
  10. vanhoe liked a post in a topic by Gone in The Pirate Bay tried buying their own island in hopes of making their own country with no copyright laws   
    Buy Somalia.
    Already pirates there, saves time recruiting.
  11. thegame0dude liked a post in a topic by vanhoe in Dump your gifs here ;D   
    Warning: Don't click on the image if you're expecting to see what you're expecting to see.
  12. Wolfspawn liked a post in a topic by vanhoe in Angry Joe and AJSA Please help me on my pc questions! :)   
    Oh hey it's this thread again. There are no good pre-built PCs under $1000.
  13. Lhotse5 liked a post in a topic by vanhoe in What should I look for in a PC?   
    PCI3.0 is backward compatible with 2.0 so you can stick a 3.0 card into a 2.0 slot. Also 2 RAM slots are more than enough, just get 2x 4gb sticks and you'll be fine.
  14. vanhoe liked a post in a topic by Demiser500 in I'm tired of it.   
    As some have posted already, stop playing. There have been a few times where gaming was just not interesting and I would find myself just watching Youtube (gamers mostly) and that was amusement enough. Sometimes we just don't have the time to justify sitting down and playing game. Which could be the other reason why you aren't being fulfilled through gaming anymore. Maybe your career or lack there of is not enough and you need to go find a new one. Maybe you need to start making healthier decisions. I know that I personally find no enjoyment from games if there are other things I need to take care of. 
  15. vanhoe liked a post in a topic by UnknownShots in What should I look for in a PC?   
    Not to be a complete dick but for that price point to play games I would just recommend keep saving up..... If you cant do that just get a Console Either PS4 or Xbox one that's down to you. Not the most exciting reply ever but I think this will benefit you more than just getting a old PC, I mean $500 is £305.40  my 1 graphics card cost that alone not trying to brag, But here in the UK I would find it really hard to fit a PC together and play games on it, Dont take me wrong It can be done but why would you want to put yourself through the pain....

    I would definitely recommend getting a Console. 

    Maybe later down the line when you have saved up at least 850-1k you should start getting involved with PC Gaming. 

    Why spend like $400 on a PC which will play games on low settings plus with crappy FPS, and you could buy a console and have a much more enjoyable experience ???

    Also you have you even got a - 
    Mouse and Keyboard?  Monitor? Also A windows 7/8 disc that will cost like $100 so you will have like 400 to spend which really isnt that much

    But Im guessing because of the low price you dont have a job or your just like 12 or something but even then I would say get a console youll have fun with it.
  16. Divergence liked a post in a topic by vanhoe in I need help from fellow soldiers   
    Online petition? For buying games? Is this a thing now? I don't even

  17. thegame0dude liked a post in a topic by vanhoe in Dump your gifs here ;D   
    Warning: Don't click on the image if you're expecting to see what you're expecting to see.
  18. vanhoe liked a post in a topic by Alanas4201 in Dump your gifs here ;D   
  19. vanhoe liked a post in a topic by Divergence in I need help from fellow soldiers   
    Why don't your parents want you to buy it?
    Im curious of their reasoning first. Is it because they think your to young for the game? They want you to save your money for something more meaningful?
    Edit:NVM I just read why.
    If your parents think your to young then I stand by their decision and they know you best.
    Personally as an adult I wouldn't care how many people backed by kid on some forum... Not to be rude but they don't know us and we don't know them why should our opinion about if your mature enough for the game matter to them?
  20. LoreMaster liked a post in a topic by vanhoe in Dump your gifs here ;D   

  21. vanhoe liked a post in a topic by BSB in What is your favorite creative gaming insult?   
    "God fucking dammit, Jerry. Take her back right now!" This saying became common way back when in Planetside 2 beta with me and my buddies in our little Outfit, pre-Outfits being in the game. Back when you could legitimately park a Sundy on a Galaxy and fly it to the Crown with the added bonus of a Galaxy being a spawn-point as well. Here's some of the back-story on Jerry.

    Jerry was your usual fun-loving guy, jokester, and Galaxy Pilot. We flew many hours together, fought alongside each other, and killed ourselves enough that we could be considered blood-brothers. In pixel of course, as our NC blood was mixed in the dirt. Jerry was also unsure of when to cut off a joke or end a motion in game, his shenanigans knew no bounds. A friend of ours, Luke, was playing the game with his younger daughter, Mia, who was very spoiled. Why Luke let her play was beyond us, but she - like many have-it-alls - had to have her way or she'd throw a fit at the expense of our eardrums. If she got shot in game and die, she'd shriek. 
    Well, it was on one of our expeditions that she and Luke were tagging along she was the one instructed to pull a Sundy while Jerry had the Galaxy. She did so and was rather well off with jumping the cliff and landing on Jer's back a little bit below. She hung on pretty well in the flight too which I saw from my Reaver as I came along beside. After a few minutes of glitchy flight trying to maneuver the Sundy over the Crown Jerry's mate in the background shouted for him to do a backflip, Luke heard and immediately said "Don't you do it, Jerry." 

    We could hear Jerry laugh as the thought entered his head and he rolled it around, we were a few seconds away from landing at the Crown when a hail of bullets started hitting our Galaxy and I flew off to take the Mossie out. What I didn't see at the time was Jerry doing what we'd all suffer for. As he got over the Crown he started flying higher up, I could hear Mia's questioning on what was happening through Luke's mic. "Daddy, where am I going? What's happening?! Daddy?!" 

    Jerry's maniacle laughter kicked in as he dived forward over the cliff at the Crown and started attempting a backflip, - I was able to turn back in time to see this little charade. "Dad! Make him stop!" Then came the shriek of pain for us. Looking at him he was doing pretty well until the Sundy started falling off, along with Mia, obviously. The shrieking continued when the line came through that we all know and love from that day - "God fucking dammit, Jerry! Take her back right now!" 

    The way he said it was in such a way that it was as if he was sentencing the Death Penalty. The next moment was the sound of an explosion and now sobbing tears from Mia through Luke's mic. After a moment of yelling on Luke's end to calm down his kid (kind of harsh, but hey) Mia ran off to her room and Luke came back onto the mic again. His voice was now hollow as death itself and he sounded serious as all hell.

    "Jerry, you little shit. I will take that Galaxy you love so dearly, shove it up your anal cavity, twist it around and hit the deploy button so it can't be removed.. Then I'll take a scale-replica of my daughter's sunderer and deep-throat you with it." He paused dramatically, with the way it was said I think Jerry was considering calling law-enforcement. Suddenly a crack of laughter came through Luke, with cheer back in his voice and a bit of a southern accent "Now go pick ap them fucking pieces ya fool." 
    To us, that was the most hilarious moment in our Beta experience. (In retrospect, might have had to have been there to love it, but hey.)
    Also not so creative, but hey. I found it funny and wanted to share. No? Don't want me to? Okay, I'll go back to the corner.
  22. vanhoe liked a post in a topic by Rimshee in What is your favorite creative gaming insult?   
    I'm sorry you cannot look back at an insult  and think of the comedy of it. Then again, it could be a cultural diffrence; I delight in insulting my best friend whenever we talk and he delights in insulting me, but the key is to be creative.
  23. vanhoe liked a post in a topic by Sol Omega in Recommend Me Anime!   
    Animation = anime for me. I honestly don't care. Teen Titans was anime for me. Avatar was anime for me. Hell, Shin Chan is anime, and that shit didn't even look like it (was funny though). And as for RWBY, I count that as anime (since a lot of animes use CGI these days anyways). Hell, it's even the style that people associate anime with.
    If someone said Adventure Time or Courage the Cowardly Dog was anime, I wouldn't have a problem with it. Because cartoons are animations. And french for animation/cartoon is "anime". And the japanese borrowed their word to give a name to their animated cartoons.
    Anime History 
    Not everyone will agree with my point of view, but hey. A point of view is only one view of the world.
  24. vanhoe liked a post in a topic by Vinterdraken in What are some bad Japanese voiced anime/game/dub that you know (pretty hard cause I can't find one)   
    Im guessing that is because your not a native japanese speaker. One of my old work colleges married a japanese girl and they live there now, and from what Ive heard from them there are plenty of games. movies and shows that are badly acted, we westerners just often dont pick up on it.  Dont have any specific examples to give, but I could give them a mail and ask them for a list.
  25. Geist liked a post in a topic by vanhoe in Female MC's   
    Please spoiler that. 3lewd5me