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  1. Add me too! Im desperate for a team I can talk to, man_with_a_chair
  2. im in, psn name: man_with_a_chair call me willy though
  3. I am not a hardcore moba player. I just like to play all kinds of games. A fun, easy to learn game is Awesomenauts. Thats why I think it would be fun to have a monthly tournament in a game like Awesomenauts. Other games that would be fun to have monthly tournaments in would be Guns of Icarus, or TF2, or Chivalry. Maybe have a hardcore bracket and a more relaxed bracket. Im sure teams would want to play even if there wasn't any prizes. Gives us gamers something to look forward to.
  4. My in game Name is "Gunner WillyMac" and I'm here to blow some shit up!
  5. I would love to be part of this! I have been itching to get my Minecraft on!
  6. I think it would be cool to have a channel for us small gamers to use to jump into the spotlight. We are self motivated, hard working, and beat to death for videos that get 50 views. I believe it would be cool for someone to run and keep care of a quality channel for us small content creators to elaborate together. We would get to meet each other and help each other become better at what we love to do. I can't be the only one thinking this, can I? Anyway here is a video I made a while back.
  7. I recently have gotten into animation and need to practice animations. I would love to make animations for small channels, large channels, multiple channels it doesn't matter. I need funny moments. I would also need to talk to the channel owner for what videos have the most potential for an animation. I would love the opportunity to practice animation on someones content. I will upload the animation on your channel if you put my channel link in the description box. Thank you for an opportunity, and I hope someone will give me a chance. BTW I need commentary.
  8. Me and my buddy played the game Knack all the way through last night, and going into it I saw the poor reviews the game had gotten (1/2 stars) and my expectations was a blow through beet em up game. I expected a Skylanders type of game. What I got was a feeling I haven't had since playing the Jak and Daxter series. I should probably say now that I play platforming games primarily: Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Rachet and Clank, Spyro, Mega Man X, and Sly Cooper. All great classics and games that I will show my kids. These game earned their place in the hall of fame. And now I will present the newest member: Knack! Knack is a creation by the Doctor made up of relics. These relics power everything. They are powerful weapons as well. The Orcs have been rising up and trying to strike down the humans, but Knack is suppose to shift the war in favor of the humans. I know what your thinking, Generic! All I can say without spoiling anything is that this game has some surprising moments that truly make you feel bad for these characters. I walk away knowing all the character names for their unique heroic moments, I cant even remember the main bad guys name from Jak 2. What started off to be a cheesy game turned into a long, exciting, meaningful story. Now the gameplay, the meat of the game. What I believe made this game get such low reviews was that it is a platformer. Platformers were popular way back in the playstation 2 era. Now shooters and Assassins Creed like combat games are what is popular. The sweet nostalgia I get from playing a well funded, thought out, NEW platformer for a NEW console was absolutely amazing. The power ups that you get with collectibles adds dynamic and replay ability to the game. A Jak and Daxter style of combat, and a coop option makes this game a must have. I recommend playing on hard so this game doesn't turn into a standard Beat em up game. Hard gives you the frustrating fun of dying in one, rarely two hits, so yea, you will die: ALOT. This is the most enjoyable way to play the game though. Its what makes this game shoot up into my number 6 spot of platforming games. Only behind Naughty Dog's Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Mega Man X, Sly Cooper, and Spyro. Those are some formidable opponents. The only problem I have with the game is that the second player is just there to help, he isn't part of the story, he never gets any real ability. But this is a small problem. Knack is a game that you will have great fun with. It tells so many stories that gets you to cheer for so many characters. This game is a MUST PLAY for gamers of the great age of Platforming! Sony surprised me with this new character that I know look at as the face of Playstation 4, and I now give a nice salute to him too. Knack gets a 9/10 for the average gamers, but gets a 10/10 to all platform lovers. PLAY IT NOW!
  9. I bought the game for PC and really want a group of friends to come help me of one of those coop objective levels. Nothing better than devising a plan with your friends and risking everything on make or break decisions. I don't care if only one other person thinks this is a good idea. But some things you should know is that: I'm a jr in high school; and I suck dick. Message me if your up to join
  10. Original playstation! Crash bandicoot! Enough said
  11. Thats a great idea!
  12. Thats a great idea!
  13. Thats a great idea!
  14. I can't be the only one that is in desperate need for this to become a mod. A cool ability would be that "units gain 2 extra upgrades and unit maintain emcee is cut I half. But unhappiness by population is increased 25% due to bad games created by corprate bastards." Ideas for abilities would be fun to hear. What do you guys have to say?