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  1. So by now, most of you have probably heard that there's gonna be a ME4. This excites me as much as it worries me. I loved the ME series- even with how bad the over all ending was, the build up? As a role player, that emotional journey with my own personal Shepard was absolutely insane- and I'll never forget it. One of the best story/rpg gaming experiences of my life, hands down. Again, the ending left me fairly disappointed, but that build up... VERY few games even manage that, let alone an acceptable ending. (No, I'm not looking for a list of games that do this successfully). So with Mass Effect 4, I know the biggest question going around right now, is "are we going to be able to port all our saved data from the previous 3 games?". Here's where I sound crazy because- I don't want to be able to port my Shepards story. Yes I know the big breathe thing "oh shepard might have survived" thing. Don't care... I want a new story- same theme/etc., but the biggest problem I have every time I try and go back to replay the game series, is I'm always pulled back to replay my original Shepards. Again, I'm a role player, so once I've made a character, making a variant to him just isn't something I can manage with ease... I invest a lot emotionally into my RP characters. I want to be able to start fresh and new. Yes I want to know what happened to Shepard and what that big teaser breathe at the end was supposed to be, but I want the new game to be so far set in the future that the old decisions don't matter as much. I know that this probably isn't going to be the case, as the 3 decisions (story wise) were fairly different, and basically effected the over all world drastically... (it just wasn't delivered well...). Are we all synthetics/etc., or the other options. I'd love to be able to start fresh and new, with a new character to create, to invest role play wise, and learn these new things. If I'm just re-discovering all the things of my original Shepards past- I honestly don't see that as new! I already know what I've done with my character! I don't need to re-learn everything through little side reminders. This is a hard spot for me, as the things I loved the most about the original 3, were that I got to see all (or most...) of my little/major decisions come to light during the course of the games. Yet at the same time I want this to be the end of a characters chapter. Let there be a new character- and not a character who invests all his time into figureing out our old character! I want a new journey, a new adventure, new characters, etc., etc.. The main thing that SCARES me about the port system is that all my ME games are over on the 360. I have a PS4... How the hell am I going to port that saved data over? I assume if they do it, they'll include some kind of questionnaire, but that just feels lame to me... I don't wanna re-pick all my decisions! Some- if not most, I will have forgotten. I want the surprise of "oh s**t, that's right, I did that!", not, "Well I did that, but this sounds better". Well, I hope it's a new start. If they wanna add small little notes about Shepard, that's fine, but I'm gonna be pissed of the new series is all about trying to re-learn about a character- WE ALL F**KING LIVED FOR 3 GAMES. Seriously... That's just lazy milking of a franchise... What are your guys thoughts? Do you want a whole new game with no port option? Or do you want ports that just continue the story further.
  2. That could work.
  3. You're definitely right about that. He doesn't spoil in a massive sense compared to other reviews I just straight up won't watch anymore. But even then, to me (and others like me) tiny spoilers are just as bad as huge spoilers. Like there are some that just can't be avoided (ie: the ME3 ending which was all over the f**king internet...), so there's no real blame thrown around for universally spoiled endings like that.
  4. Ya that was my main thought on the extra video with how time consuming it would be. Which is why it would only need to be maybe 1-2 minutes long. Hell, it could even be 30 seconds long. A simple "It was good... Play this game" or "It was so bad, you're gonna have to wait for my main review to know why". Done. I know the middle ground games would be harder to keep up with in that regard though...
  5. Hey there, So I've been watching Joe's reviews for awhile now, and while I find them useful and insightful, I always notice that they tend to have a lot of spoilers (not that many... but one is already to many...). I know that the point of his reviews are to go over the whole of the game- but at the same time if I'm planning to wait for one of his reviews on a triple A game, that I'm always a little worried some big part of the game's gonna be spoiled. So my thought was, why not do 2 review videos? The first being like... maybe 1-2 minutes long with simple explanation. And then the other main video with the full review. Ending the simply reviews with "Hey if you like this: ______" Then this might be the game for you, or "This game was f**king amazing, go buy it, and play it, I implore you". I dunno, what are your guys thoughts?
  6. Thanks friend.
  7. Thanks guys, looking forward to gaming with ya all.
  8. As in the whole AJSA?
  9. Whats up.