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  • Birthday 01/13/1997

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    Hey everyone, my name is Sporical. I guess I'm here because I want to meet new people, play games with you guys, maybe even meet Lord Commander Joe! xD But hey seriously message me if any of you guys want to play sometime, I'm open to play almost every single day! :3 See you guys in game or on the forums. Have a swell day AJSA!
  1. My friend gets a message whenever he joins the AJSA teamspeak that says "Push to Talk" is being turned on and even after going to his settings he still can't turn it off?
  2. Welcome to the AJSA! I personally hope that you have a swell time here with us, and look forward to you being a part of one of the greatest gaming communities out there!
  3. Welcome to the Angry Army Cameron! We here really hope you enjoy playing/chatting with members of the AJSA! Hit me up if you ever want to play something. Good luck with Yale and all!
  4. Hey guys! I was wondering if any of you would like to play DayZ SA with me and maybe form a little squad! I have a TS3 server of my own or we could use ASJA TS3 server, either way is cool with me. Message me if you are interested! :3
  5. Hey guys! I'm new here, even though I have veteran rank for some reason lol. Can't wait to play with the AJSA!
  6. So, I was think of how cool it would be to have an Angry Army "Tactical" Headset that Joe could sell. Imagine a, lets use a Razor headset for example: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (not trying to promote Razor guis) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It would glow on the mic piece and on the sides, except it would glow red and the sides instead of having the razor symbol, it would be the symbol of the Angry Army! I don't know, it sounded really awesome to me and I would for sure pre-order that thing! What do you guys think? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  7. For sure League of Legends. SOOOO many of my friends used to ask me to play every single day, I tried it eventually, and found I did not like it at all. It baffled me how people liked it, but hey, personal preference am I right?
  8. I'd love to help out and start an RTS group, perhaps like Ancient said with a steam group! I love RTS games so much and play them on a daily basis. Message me back if you need help!