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  1. Tales of Xillia is pretty fun and I have just begun and I like the characters and where its going. I also like the cool little humor and the mystery behind the story. Tales of Abyss on the 3rds is also a game I would like to give a try which in my opinion looks good. Any tales game is awesome, that's just my two cents.
  2. This is awesome thank you for doing this bro!
  3. Player 1 Skullcandy headset, just bought and is awesome, over 150$ but with it!
  4. PS3 since I love that system, and then I would choose PC.
  5. Hey guys I am wondering, what is a great multiplayer game for the PS3 for online playing with others? I ask because I bought a nice Plyr 1 Skullcandy Headset and I want to chat with ppl over the internet, maybe friends and play some awesome games on my PS3. I also want a game that support 5.1 Channel for Dolby Digital and maybe 7.1 surround sound. I was playing SSX on my PS3 and sounds awesome with my headset just wish there are more ppl to play. Any suggestions guys, and if ya want we should play a game together for fun. My ID: WaveBauKamikaze Thanks guys!
  6. Get Ni no Kuni, I loved the gameplay and loved the story, and side quest, and everything about it is fresh and awesome! I am almost done with the game, you know something I really love about Ni no Kuni, as long as your player was in combat even if he died and another lived, you and your familiars still get exp. That is a lot better than Xillia, I haven't been able to get into Xillia yet, and trust me I am a big Tales fan. Ni no Kuni was a nice transition to something in a mix of pokemon and tales which is great!
  7. Ni no Kuni is a great one!
  8. Elder Scrolls Online all the way!
  9. My buddy says there is a need for an agro system, sort of like in WoW, but I never really played WoW so I dont mind agro I am a warrior class so I love the challenge.
  10. Man! I am playing with my buds in the Devona's Rest server and I c a ton of ppl every time I am in, and I have good buds from college who play with me so we are always having fun in GW2. Heck I invited ppl from my facebook to come play with me on a special they had for the game today. I really think the game is badass, and I am using an Xbox360 controller to play it, making it even more badass. If you want tips on how to do that just message me a message, but I really am linking it, just started playing last November on the 11 and I have been sucked in since. Let me know if you would like to play together, also for all you guys just message me and ill send you my Id and we can hit up GW2 together. Peace.
  11. I want to give a big thanks to angry Joe for giving us a review for Killzone the new one on the PS4, also for finally obtaining a Sony system, can't wait for reviews about this Franchise, but also I just want to give Joe a big thank you for posting some of the most hilarious yet informative videos about subject matter that I found interesting and important. Thank you Joe, and also I can't wait to see a review of Assassins Creed 4, I bought mine for the PS3 so I will see what is up with that game. Other than that, just saying thanks and keep up the good work AJSA community and keep in contact peeps. C ya. P.S. Angry Joe and other Joe looked like they had a ton of fun playing Knack. Hope you feel better Joe. Peace.
  12. Yeah its a lost for us here, Angry Joe mentioned he was killed on a way to a charity, You just never know when its time to go. R.I.P Mrs. Walker.
  13. I need to check steam out too!
  14. Sword Art Online Dub Brothers in Arms!